Why you should offer Remote Internships

Remote internships are unique in one way: there is no physical office involved. Simply speaking, a virtual internship is when an intern works remotely… as in anywhere other than an office. The usual length for a remote internship is 4 weeks to 6 months and will be completed in a non-face-to-face format. Remote internships offer a range of benefits for interns and employers. Find out why you should offer remote internships in your business.

Remote internship matches many of the same aspects of a traditional in-person internship like meetings between supervisors or teammates and the intern, working on a mix of individual and group projects, and teaching the intern about the overall company culture and industry. Unlike traditional internships, trainees enjoy much more trust, freedom, and flexibility.

Worldwide around 70 per cent of employees work from their own home at least one day per week, while 53 per cent do so for at least half of the week, according to a study from Switzerland-based IWG in 2018. Hiring remote employees has become a trend and the idea of virtual internships is catching on as well.


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Benefits of Remote Internships for employers

Diversity of candidates

You will no longer be limited as an employer in choosing interns that live nearby or in case of an unpaid internship, that can afford to work for free. Hiring virtual interns allows you to source the most qualified and best fitting candidate for the job from all over the world for your company. You will have an almost endless choice of candidates. Interns from Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden could be working in the same team. This diversity of backgrounds, ideas and knowledge will create successful project environments and innovative solutions.


Space and equipment savings

Since remote interns do work from anywhere else except your office, you no longer have to find additional workspace. Especially, if your office space is limited consider this reason why you should offer remote internships. Prevent your office from getting too crowded. You do not have to deal with trying to provide enough parking space, clearing out desk for interns, or finding an outlet.

Remote interns are expected to have their own equipment, like computer and Internet connection, basic office equipment, and standard supplies. This can add up to significant savings for your business. The only investment required from you is your mentorship and time to support them through their internship.  In other words, if internships, in general, are a cost-effective source, remote internships take the value focus even one step further.


Increased capacity

For a small business with limited staff, hiring remote interns means you will not need to assign someone to manage and supervise them 40 hours a week. Your staff members can focus on their own tasks and maintain their workflow. If help is needed, they can assist the interns virtually.

Of course, there will be time invested to train the interns. But as soon as they are finally offsite, it is the managers’ choice when to answer to questions. This will allow your supervisors to take care of multiple groups of internships. You can now scale up the number of candidates and instead of just one intern, you could hire 3 or more.

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Maximized productivity

If you are wondering why you should offer remote internships: Remote work can maximize the interns’ productivity. The explanation is simple, when an employee is working at the office for an entire day, they will spend a certain amount of time with socializing or doing other less-constructive activities to mentally recharge, like talking to their colleagues and getting fresh coffee. By working remotely, the social distraction is reduced, and it is much easier to stay focused and maintain their workflow.



Your hiring process no longer depends on semester and school holidays. Remote interns gain flexibility in organising their own work schedule. They can complete a part-time internship and attend school, university, or any other obligation without both overlapping. It is okay if remote work happens outside of the traditional 9-5 scheme. Ask your intern to share their weekly schedule and when they will complete their work hours.


After all, successful remote internships are beneficial for the students and employers. By hiring remote interns today, businesses can recruit a diverse group of capable and well-qualified interns who will become tomorrow’s full-time employees. Read more about our remote internship programmes and partner with us.






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