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Why You Should Learn Spanish?


Going to Spain for holidays or trainee ship? Want to travel the world and going to Spanish speaking counties? Reading “Don Quixote” in its entirety in Spanish?.  Many people who only speak one language find that there is always a curtain drawn in learning new cultures and meeting new people. 22 million students across Europe are learning to speak Spanish, you should be one of them. Before long you’ll be finally able to sing along to Despacito and be able to listen to the commentary for a La Liga match.





Travelling will be a lot easier

230 million people speak Spanish all across the world. It is the fourth most spoken language after Mandarin, Hindi, and English and in terms of being spoken as a first language, it outranks English. Want to travel to Spain, Mexico, Venezuela etc. Learning Spanish can enrich your experience and make your experience even more worthwhile. Be able to talk to locals in bars and restaurants, be able to get directions from people easier, be able to hear what everyone around you is saying, no annoying tours with headphones on and no restrictions on who you can talk to, unlocking thousand of more people from Latin countries to talk to.

Employment Opportunites

Spanish is becoming more and more important with regards to business. Learning Spanish will enable you to better communicate with Spanish speaking employees or co-workers. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to offer your product or service to the 350 million people whose mother tongue is Spanish?  In North America, Hispanic consumers are the fastest-growing market segment. As for job opportunities, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have Spanish on your CV.

If you go to work to the United States, knowing Spanish will be very helpful with a huge Spanish speaking population. One thing is certain. If you are bilingual, you will be more marketable and have more career choices than your monolingual counterpart. Globalization, with it’s accompanying free trade agreements is shrinking the business world, and those who know more than one language will definitely have the edge.

Learning a second language improves your brain

It might not seem like it during the frustrations of learning a new language. We tend to not learn smething that makes us vunerable and sometimes a bruised ego is what stands in her way of learning. There have been a number of studies that have demonstrated the benefits of learning a second language as an adult.
If you have issues with a bad memory, then this a good reason to start learning a language not an excuse. Our brains are incredible adaptable, they just need to be challenged on a regular basis.

 It’s easy to learn and easy to start speaking quickly

Spanish is considered one of the easiest languages to learn. The grammar and pronunciation are different from English, but simpler and more consistent.  Because English grammar is 30% use of Latin, you will immediately recognize words and sentences in Spanish. This might give you better confidence in picking up more and more words and being understood.

 Learn more about the Spanish Culture

To really learn a language, you must immerse yourself into that culture. For Spanish, there is a huge and fascinating culture to look at. Dive yourself into reading Spanish books, watching Spanish films, listening to Spanish music, look at Spanish art etc. Spanish culture is so rich and colorful and fun to learn and will truly be an experience in learning the language



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