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Why you should do your internship in Ireland

Internships in Ireland



Doing internships in a foreign country, such as Ireland, is an opportunity that should not be missed. It helps you boost your resume, learn new skills and gain work experience that will help you find work in the future.

Also, if you do them in Ireland, you will be able to know a different culture and a way of life completely different from the one you are used to. It is also an opportunity to improve your English, acquire a more technical language and focus on your work sector. Many students have had the opportunity to study abroad. However, doing an internship in another country is very different.

Doing internships in Ireland has many advantages:

  • You have the opportunity to travel to a new country and get to know a different culture.
  • Gain work experience
  • You can meet people from other countries
  • Face new challenges
  • Learn new skills and techniques
  • Expand your CV
  • Gain confidence
  • Enjoy an exciting adventure
  • If you are interested in doing your internship in an Irish company, don’t hesitate


Partnership International gives you the opportunity to carry out an Erasmus experience in Ireland and improve your professional skills and your level of English. We will do everything possible to make your stay in Ireland perfect. We can take care of your accommodation and advise you on what to do in the “Green Ireland”.


Are you ready for your Irish adventure? Take a look at our Erasmus programs and contact us! Everything is on our website.


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