Why you should do a Traineeship in Germany

You want to improve your German and visit a multicultural country? Perfect! Germany is a great choice and i will show you why:


Germany has so much to offer! You can travel so the sea, watching seals, eat really good fish and enjoy your time at the beach. Otherwise you can go into the wood with old coniferous and deciduous trees. There are some small rivers and beautiful ways to go hiking. If you like, you can see some Mountains in the South, or shallow, green land in the east. You can visit big cities like Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin or life in really small villages. We have Castles like the Castle Neuschwanstein and Heidelberger Castle. So everything is worth a visit.


In Germany are a lot people who wants to work, or to learn the language. German is not so easy to learn, but a plus is definitely the good English skills German normally have. There are a lot of young students like you are – especially in the bigger cities. But remember that big cities are always expensive. You will meet a lot of people from around the world! Speak to them, you will find out a lot of interesting things and divergences. It will be easy to find new friends from different countries – imagine all the cool stuff you can do, when you will visit each other.



There is nothing you can not eat in Germany. You can eat really good German food, but also a lot of pizza, sushi, tapas etc. The Germans love to eat a lot of different stuff. Enjoy! When you want to go out for lunch, you will find some lunch-specials! That’s great for a small budget and cheaper than in the evening. For the evening on the weekend you should reserve a table for you and your friends, it will be very full. Germany is known as a country with the most breadtypes, and this is true! There are so many really delicious bread and buns (and brezel).

best currywurst in Berlin –>

 Frankfurter Bookfair

This is the largest book fair in the world (with nearly 7500 participating exhibitors representing 110 countries). It is a great pleasure for all book lovers! It is really interesting and also nice to see. So many colours, books, speakers and readers. It is also an important event for negotiating book-related business deals such as licensing fees and international publishing rights. Definitely worth a visit! 


The smell of mulled wine and gingerbread and garlicbread is everywhere. You can buy some nice stuff for Christmas eve and have a good time with friends. The german people love they christmasmarket and it is really full. You can drink different kinds of mulled wine and eat Crépe and sausages and a lot of candy. The best part of the wintertime! 

 The Germans

Yes, there are a lot of prejudice about German people. But it is just the half of the truth. Nobody wears leatherpants exept on the Oktoberfest. The do not really have some small talk, but it is not because they want to be rude. They are direct and honest. When you make new friends in Germany you can be sure, they will say you their view of point and when they say something nice, normally they mean it like this. 
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