Why you should go abroad

Living there, where other people go on vacation. What may sound as a dream for some, is reality for many. It doesn’t matter if you’re still at school, university or already working. It has many advantages and it’s never too late. We put together some tips going abroad based on our own experience. 


1. Boosting your language skills

First and foremost, you will improve your language skills, which you gained in your home very quickly. It’s inevitable, since you have to speak every day. Whether you go grocery shopping or going out for a drink. You will develop a natural feeling for the language and after a couple of weeks you will dream in the language as well. 

2. Gaining self-confidence and independence

Going abroad is the perfect possibilitiy to put yourself in an unknown situation and stepping out of your comfort-zone. You are, more or less, on your own. Far away from your family and friends. So, it will take some time until you build up your social life in this country. But eventually you will celebrate your independence. 

3. More tolerance

When you are going out of your country, you turn into a foreigner and depend on the tolerance and open-mindness of the locals. Tolerance is very important in our multi-cultural society and as soon as you’re going home, you take with you the same acceptance of different cultures and opinions you received. 

4. Different ways of learning and working

Many things might seem unlike them at home. Meetings, lectures and shifts might have a different approach and it can be difficult to get used to it at first. However, you will grow and it will form your adaptability. You will probably find some of the approaches better than the ones at home and can carry them with you back there.

5. An addition to your CV

It never should be the main reason to go abroad, but do not underestimate the effect on your CV when you went to a foreign country. The experience, language skills and self-confidence you gained are big advantages in contrast to your potential competitors.


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