Where to drink the cheapest beer in Cork?

Do you know where to drink the cheapest beer in Cork? We tell to you!

Is there anything better than a relaxing beer at the end of a week? Are you looking for the bar in Cork which sells the cheapest beer? If you’re living, studying or working here and you want to have a pint of beer, we’ll tell you the best places, pubs, and locals that you must visit.

Rearden’s Bar

The first is Rearden’s Bar which is at 26 Washington Street. This pub generates more social activity in one night than most bars can produce in a year! It’s known as the biggest bar in Cork and it hosts great live music every day. If you’re in Cork, check it out because the atmosphere is just fantastic.


The Birdie Bar

Inside Rearden’s bar, you’ll find The Birdie Bar which offers pints for only €3. This bar also has a lot of offers. One of the best of these offers is 5 Long Neck Bottles and pizza for only €20. They also serve a full selection of soft drinks, beers and spirits for €3. 


An Brog

The second most famous pub is An Bróg which is located at 74 Oliver Plunkett Street. This pub is in the city centre. It offers a lot of different kinds of drink every night but the best part is that it opens 7 days-a-week and there are pints from €3.50.


An Bróg is one of the best places to have fun. It closes really late even on weekdays. The atmosphere is always great and if you’re young and you want to improve your English then it’s perfect because it’s always full of students from University College Cork. You can play beer pong for free every Tuesday. If you order a beer and if you love football, it’s a really nice place to meet your friends and watch the game there together.

Franciscan Well Brewery

The Franciscan Well Brewery is on 14 North Mall. For those who don’t know where it is, it’s really easy to find this place because is over the North Channel of the River Lee close to the North Gate bridge.

This place isn’t only a bar but also a brewery. So they have a big selection of craft beer which were made there. If you’re hungry, this bar is also a good place to go to because of the great pizzas that you can order from the restaurant next door and eat in the bar or wonderful beer garden!


Old Oak

The Old Oak is at 113 Oliver Plunkett Street. This pub is one of the busiest in the city is always a favourite of Erasmus Students and foreign people. It’s one of the best pubs for dancing and the price for a pint is around €4.50.

The Old Oak can be a good option for those who don’t want to go home early because it closes at 2:30 am.


Crane Lane Theatre

The Crane Lane Theatre on Phoenix Street and with its big open terrace, it’s a great place in the spring and summer.

This bar plays a lot of different kinds of music such as electro, jazz or Irish and offers theatre performances seven nights a week.

It has 4 bars to choose from: The Garden, The Stage Door, The Crystal Room and the Theatre itself.


O’Donovans Off Licence

The last bar where you can drink the cheapest beer in Cork is:

Now you know where the best pubs are in Cork but what if you want to throw a party at home? O’Donovans Off Licence is in the 89 in Oliver Plunkett Street.

Another place where to drink the cheapest beer in Cork:

They have good offers of bottled beer and a good selection of wines from around the world. This place isn’t expensive and they always have good offers and bottles of wine from €6.


Now you’re a specialist of bars in Cork! We’ve shown you our favourite pubs and bars where you can drink the cheapest beer in the city. If you’re new to living in Cork, we hope this post was useful for you. If you would like to live in Cork and further your career with an internship or improve your English with a language course, then have a browse through our website see what we have to offer you.

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