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When you travel, how can you live with other people?

We are used to living with our family or girlfriend/boyfriend. But when we go to another place, we must share our lives with people.

How can you live better with your roommates?

I know how is difficult this, but you need to try this experience type. Both to grow and to test yourself. It is very important for you and your future. For this reason, I will give you some tips on how to get along with your roommates. The base thing is the relationship that is created with your roommates. More relevant is to fix some important points to avoid problems or problems and to enjoy cohabitation at best. 

I will give you 8 rules to follow, read them carefully!

1. Know new people

Having to share common spaces often leads (not always, to tell the truth) the roommates to get to know each other. It is important to make good relations. But also to avoid going to live with long-time friends if possible. Since you will have to spend a lot of time in your life together.

2. Not be never alone

Always having company “available” is a huge advantage. Obviously, we cross our fingers hoping to meet the person who fits in with your personality.

3. Establish precise rules regarding common areas immediately

Habits and rhythms will certainly be different. But sharing by force of things will lead you to accept compromises. Do not carry on troublesome situations. Clarify everything before.

4. Carve out one’s own spaces

Demarcate a boundary beyond which to make the roommate understand that it is better not to go. To be able to have moments of solitude.

5. Make a cash fund for common expenses

This point is very important to protect yourself better. To buy detergents, oil, water and everything that is shared could be the best solution. 

6. Do not be intrusive

Invading the territory of others can be a symptom of little respect. Stay in your space.

7. Patience

We must have so much, especially in the first weeks of living together. The roommate can be “advantageous”, invest a little ‘time and patience can be repaid. 

8. Take responsibility for yourself

To maintain a peaceful state of balance between you and your roommate it is right. Respect each other is important.


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When you travel, how can you live with other people?


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