What to DO and what NOT TO DO in Ireland

When you are planning to visit Ireland, we have 5 useful tips for you – what to do and what NOT to do in Ireland! 🇮🇪☘

Ireland is a special country where you can find a beautiful landscape and much more. If you are thinking to go to Ireland you have some things that you can’t miss to discover, as well as things that you should never do. For this reason, we created this funny infographic to suggest you what you can do and what you can’t do in Ireland! Have fun!



What to do:

When we thought about what you could do in Ireland we realized a big list of things for you but we decided to show you these helpful tips.

Here we share a list of 4 things to do in Ireland!

  1. Do invest in a proper raincoat rather than an umbrella;
  2. Do slow down your pace of life and living;
  3. Do learn a couple of words of Gaeilge;
  4. Do embrace the phrase “Craic agus Ceol”.


What not to do:

In another hand, you have things you shouldn’t do in Ireland because if you don’t do that you probably will regret. Check it out the list below. 

Now, 2 important things to not to do in Ireland!

  1. Do not ask people if they’ve seen a leprechaun;
  2. Do miss to taste a proper Irish beer;


This is just the beginning of the list, now we would like that you help us to build a nice list for futures participants of our programmes. We are waiting for your help! 🙂

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