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What an Erasmus Plus programme offers you?

Self Confidence

Here are our tips for enjoying and getting the most out of what an Erasmus Plus programme offers you?

By living in a different country, you will gain a lot of self-confidence. You just have to be optimistic and think positively. It’s impossible not to be scared at the beginning, but this will help you to be more confident and more self-sufficient.

By doing an Erasmus you will face a lot of new situations, which will help you mature and learn to manage yourself in a much more effective way since you most likely don’t have anyone behind you accompanying you to do paperwork, or working it out for you.

Life Experience

You will gain a lot of personal experience. Besides knowing different cultures, you will also know different ways of life. Is one of the easiest ways to grow personally. By knowing new cultures you will understand better the different beliefs and life forms of other countries. Erasmus will open many doors for you in the future.

Keep reading to find out what will an Erasmus Plus programme offer you…


You’ll meet very different people. From people in Ireland to foreign students who, like you, have gone to work in a foreign country for a few months. You will meet people from other universities, other cities and many other countries. Students are eager to meet other people and enjoy the experience. This will make it very easy to make new and interesting friendships.


If you like to travel this is a perfect way to do it since apart from travelling, you learn a language. You can visit places around and have a great time in them. Getting to know new places is always a good way to have fun!


This experience will fill you with happiness in every instant. Because of the people around you and because of the environment. It’s a unique experience and you can’t miss it. Just be yourself, make friends, and you’ll have a great time.

Here is our last tip on what an Erasmus Plus programme offers you…

It improves the professional opportunities

The companies highly value having been a participant in the Erasmus programme. It gives them confidence in the candidate, as it demonstrates responsibility, adaptability to new environments and command of a foreign language.

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