The Best Ways to Learn a New Language

Having multiple languages is an achievement in itself. What a satisfying feeling it must be, to be able to travel to a country and know their native language. Learning a new language can be easy if you set your mind to it. 



Commitment is KEY

Stay focused on the reasons why you decided to start learning a new language. It can get frustrating at times but it will be worth it when you receive your end result. Keep an open mind and be prepared for any obstacles. If you don’t know why you are doing it, you will be less motivated. 


A Dictionary = Your new best friend

Always have a dictionary on hand to help you when you need to translate a word. You will slowly get so sick of looking up the same word that eventually you will remember it. It might take effort but trust me, it will help and get easier. You will be sure to make mistakes at some point, learn from them. Download a dictionary app on your phone and you are ready to go. 


Start with the Basics

Don’t throw yourself into the deep end. Begin learning the new language by learning basic words and phrases. An easy way to start is learning introduction statements, for example, greetings, your name, where you live, your age, etc. The more you learn, the better a sentence will form by itself.


Listen to others

The more you expose yourself to the language, the better you will be. Focus on what people are saying, and their tone of voice is also important. If you feel like they are talking gibberish, try to pick up certain words. Some countries speak very quickly and this is something that you will have to adjust to in order to communicate correctly to the local people. 



Work with a friend

Having someone else in the same boat as you can make this task much easier. Learn together, push and motivate each other. You can both be ridiculously bad at trying to speak to each other, but what better way to learn than to be able to speak the language with someone that you are comfortable with and is also learning from you. Set goals and don’t let each other down.


Language Classes

Are you really struggling? Or looking to polish up your great work? Then why not attend some language classes. Don’t worry they will start fresh and help you along the way. Everyone is there to learn. This will help you get a better understanding of the language.



And most importantly HAVE FUN! 

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