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Valencia’s Traditions & Culture

If you’re thinking about starting a new adventure in sunny Spain, Valencia is the perfect spot! It’s well known because of its delicious gastronomy – does paella sound familiar?- and it’s thriving parties full of shiny fireworks! It sounds good, right? Find out about their local traditions and culture right here…

#1 Taste a real Paella

First of all, you must taste paella, but the real one which is with rabbit and not with seafood. Paella was born here in Valencia and locals enjoy the tradition of street Paella on Sunday’s. The best place to do this is in El Palmar, next to Albufera Natural Park. A great place to walk around, digest the Paella and enjoy the natural landscape.


#2 Get lost in City of Sciences and Arts

Valencian Ceramics are famous and have a deep and unique tradition. Thinking about spending some days in an open natural space? Then the place you’re looking for is the City of Sciences and Arts which displays ceramics in its designs. Book a whole day to get lost in this spectacular futuristic place. The modern architecture surrounded by gardens and water is just astonishing. So you better be prepared to be amazed!

valencia ciencias

#3 The Fiestas

Fiestas are old traditional festivals which take part in the city of Valencia. The most famous being ‘Las Fallas’ which commences on the 15th of March with Las Fallas sculptures being placed throughout the city.  Fireworks, mobile discos and concerts attract people for four days/nights. The festival highlights the beginning of a new season, ‘Spring’. On the 19th of March, all sculptures are burnt. This is an event that must not be missed during your visit.




#4 Corrida

Corrida, which is known as ‘Bull Fighting’, does not originate from Valencia but is a big part of their culture. This event involves humans attempt to subdue or kill a bull based on traditional rules or customs. This event will bring you back to local cultures of ancient Valencia. 

And well, you can also go to the botanic park, Serrano’s Towels, walk around the historical center and enjoy the buzz of the nightlife… So many things to do in this amazing city!

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