Travel hacks when moving abroad

Moving abroad to study, while it is rewarding in so many ways, can present its own unique obstacles to overcome. Have you ever been in a new city, only to discover some of the best tips only days before you fly back home? Therefore, we have gathered your Travel hacks when moving abroad, so that you always know before you go!

Finding the best flight deals

The more money you can save on transportation, the more you’ll have to allocate exploring the many attractions in your new home! However, when you’re looking for or booking flights, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Always delete your cookies and turn on the private browsing mode on your browser (this would be the Incognito mode on Chrome). This can not only hide your personal information from anyone prowling for unsuspecting victims, but it can even save you money! Have you ever noticed that after you search for flights, you begin seeing travel advertisements on your favourite sites? Well, a lot of airlines and travel aggregators track the number of times that you’ve visited the site, meaning that the more you visit, the more they may choose to raise the ticket price. However, if you’re searching privately, then your search criteria will not be tracked.

Packing hacks

Roll. Don’t fold!

Pack smart. If you are going to Spain so need to back too many winter clothes etc

Leave some free space in your suitcase for items to bring home!

These are only a few travel hacks when moving abroad …

Copy your documents

Few things can be worse than losing your travel documents when you are away from home. While we can always preach the values of keeping your important documents somewhere safe, things happen, and it’s best to be prepared. Take pictures of your passport, IDs and any other documents that are crucial to you, just in case they are lost, misplaced or stolen.

The standard stuff

Know the money exchange rate and do not carry cash in excess. Check with your bank to see if they have a bank in that country and if your ATM cards work there. If not, find a bank and open another account with them.

Before you go, make sure you have adequate medical insurance that will work in the country you are going to. Take a copy of your medical prescriptions with you and the prescriptions in the labelled bottles.

If you plan on going to certain events, purchase your tickets before you go and while you understand what you are buying.

If you need monthly local transport cards check if you can register and purchase in advance

Do your research about your new city, check out which areas are not safe to go. Gather contact information of local police before you go.

Research the contact info and addresses of the local hospital, medical centre and dentist.

Remember smart preparation is key to a great experience abroad. Now go and enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed our Travel hacks when moving abroad !


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