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Enjoying a day of traditional food in Cork

Ever wondered what the locals eat in Cork, Ireland? Then just keep on reading and we will tell you what you should try while you visit Cork! We‘ve compiled a nice list of traditional food in Cork for you.

1.Breakfast: Full Irish Breakfast

To start of your day why not enjoy a tasty Full Irish Breakfast? The ingredients might vary depending on who you ask but some things always stay the same. In the Full Irish Breakfast you will alwasy find some sausages, potatoes, bacon, eggs, tomatoes and baked beans.

Sounds unusual to you? Well it‘s quite traditional in Ireland and it will definitely fill you up and give you enough energy to do some sightseeing in this beautiful city!


2.Lunch: Potatoes

For lunch we don‘t have a specific dish for you to try but as the Irish always say: „You can‘t beat a good spud.“.

There are so many different dishes you could try. How about boxty? It‘s a combination of hash browns and potato pancakes.

Or would you rather stay with the baked potatoes, mashed potatoes or the potato soup? You will have no trouble finding these dishes here. There is definitely an Irish potato dish for everybody.


3.Dinner: Irish Stew

For the evening, we chose a very typical dish in Ireland which also has some international recognition. One traditional food in Cork is the Irish Stew.

It is without a doubt always a great choice for your dinner. This delicious meal is prepared with either lamb or beef and a mixture of vegetables such as cauliflower, leek, carrot and celery.

In addition to these rich ingredients we have potatoes. Besides taking sustenance to the plate, it will make it even tastier. This is definitely something you will enjoy.


4.Dessert: Irish Whiskey Truffles

To end our delicious day in Cork we have the famous Irish Whiskey truffles that will leave you speechless.

This marvelous recipe blends the taste of black chocolate with the unique flavor of Irish whiskey. And to further enhance the flavor of this recipe, cream and honey will play an important role for your taste buds. Can you imagine that?


5.Drink to accompany

There is no way
you visit Cork without experiencing the delicious Irish beer Murphy’s Stout which has a special admiration for locals since it was founded in 1856 by Jeremiah James Murphy and his brothers.

One of the unexpected ingredients that transforms the experience of tasting a Murphy beer, believe it or not, is chocolate.

Now you already know which drink to order to accompany the delicious meals that we talked about in this post. We can say, it’s a perfect match!

We hope that you like our recommendations and have a nice day trying traditional food in Cork and enjoy a glass of Murphy‘s!



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