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Tips to move abroad to the U.S.

Congratulations you are going to the United States! The next big step in your life. If you’re not going and just looking at the blog for some hints and tips well, we hope we can convince you to make the next big step in your life with our Tips to move abroad to the U.S.! 😉

How big the country is

Some people believe just because California and New York are in the same country they’re only 2 hours apart, that is not the case! International flights are available and can be bought cheaply at airports or on Skyscanner. You can get trains to and from different countries. The positive about travelling around the US is that you can travel freely and will just need an ID to get onto different flights.


For a country so big it’s amazing the different climates! Summer is HOT! Winter is SNOW! At any different time, all the states have different weather. Make sure you check out the different weather forecasts and prepare for the weather for the time of year you are going.

We hope you are enjoying our Tips to move abroad to the U.S.

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Investigate local transport

The U.S like anywhere is a blessing for public transport, you can look at different modes, they have buses, trains, subways and uber/lyft! You can choose which best fits your budget and time schedule! The subway and uber/lyft are perfect for short travel but the bus and trains suit longer and further destinations.



Before you leave your country you should have enough money to cover any emergency’s! Whether that is in your bank account or cash. Cash isn’t the safest option but whatever suits your own preference! Have a look before you leave for the best currency exchange. (Remember! If you are going to the U.S on a work and travel visa you must have AT LEAST $800 for living.)


Medical expenses are extremely expensive over in the U.S so make sure you get a full check before you leave! Make sure you visit the dentist, the doctor and get all your prescriptions and relevant letters to show to customs in case you get stopped.

Culture shock

You’re in a new country with new people, it’s okay to be taken back a bit and be a bit scared. It’s okay be homesick but don’t let it hold you back. Go in with an open mind and you’ll be surprised by all the people you will meet.


Sit back and enjoy yourself! You are young once you must travel to broaden your horizons. Don’t hold yourself back because you are scared, get out of your comfort zone and enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed our Tips to move abroad to the U.S.


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