Tips for a long distance relationship

You will be far away from home and you will meet so many new people and have fun. It can be hard to go alone without a loved person for a long time. But these tips will help you to make the best of your experience abroad.



Talk before you leave and clarify your views and situation. You want to stay together? Great! Make it clear that you won’t see each other for a long time and make plans how you can see each other. Talk about your budget and if a visit would be possible. If so, set an approximate period of time.


Make plans! 

Is there anything you wanted to do for so long time with your partner? Make plans and maybe you can book the flight to the destination of your dreams. When these plans are concrete it is easier to smile when you miss each other. Look forward to something together, strengthen your relationship and you will have some positive thoughts in sad moments. 


Stay in contact

You have to find out how much contact and in which way you want it. Is a telephone call per day enough? Or do you want a message every hour of the day? Create a ritual, such as a message before going to bed.  Something you can be sure of. If there is a time shift, use two clocks so you know if your messages can be read in the next hours, or if it’s in the middle of the night. You will be so busy with your new friends, party and trips, sometimes it is not so easy to stay in contact for the whole day. It’s nice to be able to share in each other’s lives, so tell your partner what you are experiencing. (and sending a sexy message can also be very exciting;) )

Bring something with you 

Sometimes all you need is a familiar scent or a trusted feeling. It could be very helpful when you bring a shirt or something like this in your new home. Also a good cheering up are some presents from your loved one and some photos of beautiful moments with friends or family. When you feel alone and see the photos with good memories you will be soon in a very good mood. 



You will have so much to do while Erasmus! You meet new people and you want to see everything the city and the country has to offer. You will go to the best parties and have some drinks with your new friends. You don’t have time to think about how much you miss your partner and this is great. Enjoy your time and have fun! 


Don’t think about how much you miss your partner the whole time – this will destroy your experience abroad. All these tips are only helpful when you trust your partner, because without trust, this will have no happy ending. This could be one of the best adventures in your life – so enjoy every single day. 


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