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Tips for Healthy Travel

Whether for work or pleasure, travel often has a way of derailing our health and fitness goals. Lazy afternoons spent lying on the beach can make it a lot easier to skip daily gym sessions in favor of heading straight to the buffet. So how do you balance your wellness while still enjoying your trip? here there is a list of things you should take in mind when you travel.

  • Research the Food and Stock Up Upon Arrival

The more you can research and investigate prior to your trip, the easier it will be to maintain a healthy lifestyle while traveling.  To stay on track with your food, try to find a nearby grocery store or health food store, look up a couple of well rated restaurants that offer some healthy choices, and try to stay somewhere with a fridge.  Knowing the lay of the land gives you an advantage as you’ll have an easier time finding healthy options for eating in and out.

  • Keep your breakfast and Lunches Healthy

Structuring your days as making breakfast, packing lunch, and going out for dinner allows you to explore the local food scene while getting in some solid nutrition throughout your days away.  If you have the capacity to make some of your meals, you can exert control over your food choices which can help you stay on track while on vacation.  Even if you don’t have access to a fridge or a kitchen, you can still find some healthy packaged options that can make meals.  Since exploring a new country means sampling exciting and exotic new foods, don’t completely deprive yourself.

  • Get as Much Sleep as You Can

Both in transit and once you arrive; try to get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night while away.  Sometimes work and play gets in the way of sleep, but if you make it a priority, you can easily achieve your sleep goals.

  • Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is key to feeling your best.  Pack an empty water bottle while flying that you can fill up once you’ve passed through security, and stay ahead of dehydration by drinking plenty of fluids. As an added bonus, staying fully hydrated prevents your body from confusing being thirsty.

  •  Pack Meals and Snacks

Avoid unhealthy, greasy, processed food while traveling by packing your own meals and snacks.  Bringing healthy food from home ensures you know exactly what goes into your food and prevents you from spending money on food that doesn’t even taste good!  Before you pack a Tupperware of sloppy soup, make sure you check out the rules to make sure you don’t get hassled at airport security. Also be cautious about traveling with fresh fruits, vegetables or meat and dairy products as there are many restrictions about bringing these into other countries. Make sure you declare any food products upon arrival!

  •  Walk Every Day

Exploring your destination on foot is an amazing way to sneak in some exercise while traveling.  Grab a map, get lost, get found, and take in the sights, smells, and sounds of where you are.  This is a great way to find hidden gems that aren’t in the travel guides.

  •  Rent a Bike

Cover more ground while torching calories by renting a bike.  Many major cities have bike share programs, or you could contact a local bike store to inquire about bike rentals.  Grab a bike map of the city, research day trips and pack a picnic, and get exploring.

  • Learn To Love yourself

Part of keeping you healthy is learning to love yourself. Of course this doesn’t only happen while travelling, but there’s something about the open road and adventure that lends itself to soul edifying and self-discovery. Along your journey you’ll have ample opportunities to develop a healthy love of who you are as a person.


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