Tips for Long Distance Relationships

Happy Valentine’s Day!  A day to appreciate your partner, but what if you are experiencing a long-distance relationship?  It can sometimes be tricky to navigate so here are some tips for Long Distance Relationships!

 1. Regular Communication

It has never been easier to stay in contact with your partner. Utilise technology because it’ll let you feel more connected. Schedule regular communication. There is some fantastic technology to help you! WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime. The possibilities are endless so figure out which one suits ye best.

2. Do things together

Really?  Yes, there are lots of apps designed for couples to do things together over the internet. Netflix is a great place to start!

Share your experiences with your partner. If you are travelling for the weekend to a cool new place, why not call your partner on facetime or WhatsApp and show your partner where you are, that way he/she feels part of your amazing experience abroad.

But even without special apps, the opportunities for ‘date nights’ are endless. You could get on Skype and eat dinner with your loved one from halfway across the world! Keep reading for our tips for Long Distance Relationships…

3. Plan a visit

It’s a great idea to invite your partner to come visit, your partner can meet your new friends and you’ll get to see each other! But sometimes that’s not entirely possible. It might be cheaper and more exciting to meet in the middle for a couple’s holiday. Alternatively, you could return home for a weekend also. Just make sure to plan to get the best flight deals.

4. Enjoy your new country

It’s easy to feel guilty for talking about your new and exciting life whilst your partner is left behind, but you are there to have that new and exciting experience. You deserve the opportunities that are coming your way. The most important thing to remember is not to panic, whether you are the one leaving or the one waving your partner off.

5. Good Luck!

In the end, remember to try not to get too caught up by your relationship. A healthy relationship is one in which each partner encourages the other to have their own passions interests and adventured.

If you are experiencing culture shock, having a supportive partner can make all the difference.

While your relationship should be a means of support, it should not be what holds you back from living in the moment and in the place that you’re in physically. Long distance relationships can sometimes be difficult, but they can be equally rewarding, especially when you come home to your girlfriend /boyfriend after being abroad.


Think about being able to look back at your time apart and knowing that your love was strong enough to survive. If you can stay together through separation, you can stay together through anything life throws at you!

We hope you enjoyed reading our tips for Long Distance Relationships…


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