Tips for Erasmus students

We have worked with 1000’s of amazing Erasmus students over the past 10 years so here is some advice when doing an Erasmus program abroad and living the best Erasmus life you can and get the most out of your experience! Enjoy reading our tips for Erasmus students!

1. Explore your new city

If you want to truly say “I have lived there,” you must know the details about the city which means not only the main square and most famous parts. Go explore the suburbs and distant neighborhoods, you might find something that surprises you and maybe a great new place to hang out. Check out the restaurants, bars, nightlife, and local events happening and live the Erasmus life. 

2. Meet people from different backgrounds and nationalities

During your Erasmus programme, you will have a great opportunity to meet many new people. Be brave. Make that first step of introducing yourself (we are not saying grab the first random person you meet on the street of course! #safetyfirst) You will meet people in the class, your host company or in a social setting. Try not to restrict yourself to one group. The worst thing that can happen is being stuck with people from your own country and never meeting locals and other nationalities! We hope you are enjoying our tips for Erasmus students!

3. Practice your language skills. Seriously, there is no better opportunity!

Don’t let the new language environment scare you, this is the best thing that can happen to you! In most cases you do not have any other chance but to speak that language, be it English, French, Spanish or Italian. Since practice makes perfect, practicing out of necessity will improve your language skills and get the most out of the Erasmus life.

4. Remember to take lots of photos and videos

Keep the memories alive! Take a good camera with you and do not hesitate to take loads of pictures of all the great places you will see and new friends you will make. Furthermore, be sure to ask your friends for their archives as well.

5. Travel!

Travel around the country and region as much as you can, preferably with a close group of friends. Stories from your journeys will be the ones you will never get sick of telling others. There will be so many maximizing places to visit while on Erasmus so don’t miss the opportunity. Remember many countries now have great student-friendly packages.

These are our tips for Erasmus students! This is your time, make the most of your experience. Now go make some amazing memories! 



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