28+ tips for things to do at home during a pandemic

Yeah, you noticed right, we stopped counting them after a while, therefore you can count them, if you have the time – which you probably have. If this get’s boring, we welcome you to our collection of things to do at home during a pandemic. Being stuck in quarantine doesn’t always need to suck. In other words, whether you are at home alone, with your partner, with your family, with a flatmate or even with your pet, we promise you to find at least a few activities to make your week brighter. Let’s go!

things to do at home during a pandemic

things to do at home during a pandemic

1. Prepare yourself for a potential job interview

Now you really have the time to grow self-confidence and prepare yourself for your next job interview. You could, for instance, read through our article on how to prepare for an interview and practice with a friend over Skype.

2. Start a journal

It could be a really interesting way of bringing your thoughts to paper. For the creative souls among us – why not try to make the journal by your own? You could tie colourful pages together and paint the cover pages. While you are living your spirit, try out…

3. Calligraphy – the art of handwritten lettering

It will add some creative flair to your handwritten project.

4. Knit or crochet

Still getting cold feet at night? Could need a pair of thick woollen socks? Grab your needles and do it yourself!

5. Colour a book

Colouring is only for kids? WRONG! It can actually be really relaxing and calming.
Use wax crayons and watercolours to give it a special touch.

6. Make a photo book

Create a collection of your favourite pictures! You could also make a video or virtual photo book on your phone.

7. Read read read read… COMICS!

Those are really a great alternative to traditional books. Find your favourite genre and start! There are also a handful of online providers who offer comics for tablets and kindles.

8. Learn Origami

After that, set up a FaceTime, Skype or Zoom battle with your friends! Who’s the master of paper-art?


9. Complete that freaking puzzle…

…which is dusting in the cellar. Or even get yourself a tricky 1000+ pieces one!

10. Learn a new language

You are planning to learn Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese…?
Well then go for it now! There are plenty of free apps! Try out for example “Duolingo”, “Memrise” or “Babbel”.

11. Relax your core – Meditate

Focus on your breath, clear your mind! This may be one of the best things to do at home during a pandemic.

12. Extensive skincare routine

Cleansing – Toning – Moisturizing – Hydrating – Softening are the keywords!

13. Organise your clothes

This can be very relaxing and fun! Maybe “Spark Joy” á la Marie Kondo. Get rid of items which do not bring “joy” into your life.

14. Finally, hop on the home workout truck

Maybe include a short and sweaty workout to your daily routine at home?
You definitely have time – don’t you?

15. Learn how to braid

If short or long hair, this isn’t only an activity for females! We promise! Check out the latest trends for males for example! And you know what’s the best about it? You can try it first before you go out in public with it #isolationgoal.

16. Start a blog

This is surely a good opportunity to express yourself! You can write about everything you like. Maybe about your way of dealing with the pandemic. And who would have thought about it – this is also our fave when we are talking about things to do at home during a pandemic.

17. Play board games

Let the games begin! What is your favourite? Mill, Chess or Monopoly? Check out our tips for “Board games to play in isolation”.

colourful board games to play in isolation game

things to do at home during a pandemic

18. Play old video games

Do you still have an old Game Boy or Nintendo? Wipe the dust off of them and start playing!


19. Watch a Livestream

Even if you can’t watch your favourite artist on stage at the moment, it could be a great alternative to watch a lot of artists on free live-streamed concerts!

20. Explore music

Make yourself comfortable and explore your music channels and apps. Listen to new artists and maybe set up some new playlists.

21. Listen to podcasts

This we can really recommend! It can be really relaxing and entertaining. You can find podcasts to nearly every topic you are interested in. Listening to podcasts in a foreign language you are currently learning could also help to improve it.

22. Call a friend

Try to hold the connections to your friends high. Take the initiative and make that call. Your friend will be happy to hear your voice.

23. Shake your hips, your legs and head! Learn a dance!

Even if you can’t attend a class at the moment, there are several dancing schools or dancers in general who offer live-classes on YouTube and Instagram! All you need is a bit of space and motivation to get in the groove!

24. Try a colouring app

If you don’t have any pencils and watercolours at home, take the simple way and just do it with an app! I am sure you will find the fitting one, whether you are using your phone, a tablet or your PC.

25. Careful – hot! Take a backing class on Instagram

Live baking classes can really be fun and improve your baking skills at the same time!
What do you have in mind? Banana bread? I’m sure you will find one on that too.

26. Watch stage plays

Did you ever consider watching a stage play without leaving your room? Now is the time! You can find some plays online from for example Berlin, London and even New York.

27. Make your own pizza

And by that, we do not mean putting a frozen one into the oven!
First, make the dough, mash your tomato sauce, add the “Italian flavours”, top it with whatever you like or what you can find in your fridge, and bake it! You won’t regret!
things to do at home during a pandemic


28. Pizza-date with your friends

Encourage your friends to also prepare their pizza and watch each other via video call and maybe make a competition out of it! And afterwards, enjoy together!

29. Nap, sleep, repeat

Use the time and catch up on that sleep you missed while figuring out your work-life-balance! You deserve it! There are not only productive things to do at home during a pandemic.

30. Grow a green thumb

You always wanted to grow herbs and your own veggies but didn’t have the time to take care of them? There are no excuses now! Order some seeds for example at com, figure out a sunny spot in your flat and go for it.

31. Play online Yahtzee

Playing this game online with your friends is a lot of fun! Also, it trains your reason and reaction!



We really hope our tips on things to do at home during the pandemic period helped you raise your creativity and most importantly kill your boredom! Stay safe guys and read some more interesting articles on our blog!




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