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The first week of Erasmus

It might be a scary decision to do an Erasmus programme to a different country, especially if you are traveling solo. The first week might be a little difficult while are you are settling into your new city. But relax because it will be the best experience in your life as you will gain new experience’s and know yourself better. To make it easier for you and avoid the mistakes I made, I will give you some tips to help you in the first week of Erasmus. 

Don’t panic

The first week of Erasmus might be a little difficult, as I said, you are in a new environment, new country …etc.. Try not to overthink and to question everything. Sure, You are far away from your friends and family, your routine…etc. But think of the positives first like all the super experiences you will have. That’s why I recommend you to do things, go out, socialize and avoid spending much time alone at home. Believe me, you will get over it.😊


To learn! We tend to make a “ silly” mistake that we take the first transport we find and do not look for more options. I would recommend you to ask the local people, as they would give you the best option, the cheapest and the most direct. Another option is to do some search on the Internet before undertaking the trip, so you will not worry about how to get places. Also, remember Partnership International are always there to help with any questions you may have.

Some things that should be done during the first week of Erasmus.

If you are a student, the first thing you should do is to get a student card if possible!I was very lucky that Partnership International offered me a traineeship under the Erasmus fund and gave me that useful information. You will save a certain amount of money on transport, restaurants, museums,  other activities, etc. So do not hesitate to ask your agency, school or whoever organizes the trip.


Another important thing to look at is where to buy food. A typical mistake is going to the nearest place or the first supermarket you find. Surely, there is a diverse of supermarkets in most towns and cities. Therefore, pay attention to the prices, the quality, and the services and compare those factors among supermarkets. Then figure out the best supermarket for your requirements and you can make your purchase without spending too much! 

Daily needs

We all have some things we need daily, in my case it was coffee. Do not make the mistake of going to the “cute” or beautiful restaurants or stores you find. I recommend you not go to the first one that gets your attention but do some research on the Internet or pay a bit attention to where most local people go to get coffee. That will tell you a lot, it is surely where the price or the quality is better.


Obviously,  in the first week of Erasmus you are so excited, so you want to explore the city and this can be dangerous for your wallet 😊. Because you are curious and want to try all the restaurants or the destinations that grab your attention. Calm down, you still have a lot of time to do everything. Keep in mind that you will find better things and then you will not feel bad about spending so much money in the places.

I hope you will enjoy the blog and it will help you in your first week of Erasmus. The main advice I would say to my previous self is: Observe, acknowledge yourself and, do not be embarrassed to ask people. It’s just a matter of getting used to it.

  Good Luck and enjoy the experience 😊😊




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