The best Tools for a Remote Internship

With remote working sharply on the rise, more and more companies are having to find ways to enable their staff and interns to work from home. A lot of people are facing a completely new situation with being able to work from their own home. Home office Working from home has its advantage, like flexible schedules, no longer wasting time and money commuting, no limitation by geographical location and much more. But it can also be difficult to manage your workday and maximize your productivity outside a regular office. Thankfully, there are lots of apps and web tools that can help you to stay focused, organize your workday, and communicate with your colleagues. Try the best tools for a remote internship out and see which works for you—whether you are working from home only temporarily or for a long time.



Project Management


If you are a visual person, Trello is one of the best websites to help you organize all your projects, tasks, and see your progress or the progress of your team members.

Trello is a project management tool that allows you to categorize tasks colourful into columns. You can either use their website for free or download the Trello app. It is possible to organize all the tasks by level of completion, importance, or whatever makes sense for you. You are completely free in the design and organization of your Trello board. Then you can add cards and members, set due dates, and upload attachments relevant to the specific card. You can get notifications every time a team member adds a card or makes changes to an ongoing project. What makes Trello one of the best tools for a remote internship is its Butler system, which allows you to create all sorts of time-saving automation.

Note: You can have a Trello board for yourself without any other members.



Asana works like Trello. It offers a clean interface to manage your work bundled in one place. This app lets you create tasks and check the progress of your team in real-time. You can also set deadlines, assign a person to a task, give your colleagues feedback, or upload files to tasks from Google Drive, Dropbox, computer, and other cloud places. You can talk to your team members within a task in order to keep the conversations organized.

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Slack is a quick and easy messaging platform to communicate with your colleagues. You can organize your co-workers in chat rooms also called channels. Slack is designed as a replacement for email and whenever you post something in a channel all the members will get a notification. Inside channels, you can send messages with links and attachments, or send fun emojis and GIFs.

All your work like conversations, files, even third-party applications such as Zoom, and Google Drive is organized in one place and accessible for you from anywhere. This makes it easier to access important information, work efficiently with your colleagues and get work faster done. The free version has a storage of 5 GB for files and messages.



Zoom is one of the leading video conferencing software apps on the market and one of the must-have tools for a remote internship.  When in-person meetings are not possible, you can take your meetings online with Zoom. By using the video conferencing and group messaging tool, you feel much more connected with your co-workers. You can hold meetings in HD video for small-, medium-, and large-sized teams up to 1,000 people. It is the perfect tool to continue your daily workflow as a team. It also has fun features that let you change your background image or touch up your appearance.

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Dropbox is one of the best-known file-sharing tools worldwide. You can store your files online and access them anywhere at any time. It can be set to sync your files automatically. If you need to send larger files, which would not be possible over mail because of file size limits, you can use Dropbox to send them.

Dropbox offers a wide range of third-party features that are useful for remote teams. You can create to-do lists and timelines, share your work with colleagues on branded paper and much more. Once you shared a file with someone else you can also manage folder permissions and allow users to view or edit files.


Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best tools for A remote internship, and for a good reason. To ensure that your work is always backed up, download the Google Drive client for your desktop. From then, it will automatically sync your files to Google Drive. But if you want to revert to a previous file version, you can undo any changes with the file version management feature. Photos, documents, folders, or individual files can be shared with other Gmail users, who can work with you inside your documents in real-time. You can sign up for a free Google Drive account get 15 GB of storage.

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Tasks that normally take a few seconds can often take double the amount of time when you find yourself checking your phone every few minutes. Forest is an app that helps you to stay productive. This is how it works: By planting a seed in Forest, you can watch it grow into a tree. But if you leave or close the app to answer a text message or check Social Media, then the plant dies, and you have to start over again. You can set up a timer for your tasks and you will also receive encouraging notifications to remind you to keep going, like “Put down your phone!” or “Don’t look at me!”


Pro Tip:

Scan Documents with your iPhone

Did you already know that you can scan documents with your iPhone or iPad? And we are not talking about taking a blurred, low-quality picture of a letter, invoice, or receipt. All you have to do is open your Notes app, add a new note and click on the camera icon. Now you have the option to ‘Scan Document’ and voilà!


These tools for remote internships will give you the support you need to successfully start your traineeship. This will enable you to develop remote working skills and maximize your productivity. Find out more about our internship programmes or explore our blog.





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