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The best and worst things about living in Dublin

Dublin is a beautiful, cultural city full of characters. There are endless things to see, do and eat.  you’ll often find yourself waiting and wondering if your bus will ever come, or if your landlord might raise your rent on a whim. Here’s a list of five pros and five cons about living in Ireland’s capital.

The five best things about living in Dublin:

 It’s totally international

Georges's Street Arcade, Dublin.

Dublin City is Ireland’s cultural capital.

With the mix of nationalities comes a hugely varied restaurant cuisine, from Akanchawa’s Honey Pot serving up authentic Nigerian food in Phibsborough, to DaDa’s Moroccan on South William Street; from fancy French bistros to casual Sushi takeout. In supermarkets, you’ll find entire aisles for Polish food, and at the Dun Laoghaire Market you can pick up all of the imported Portuguese goods your heart desires.

The craic, buzz, banter

Having the craic in Dublin

In Dublin, you’ll never find people at a loss for words or feeling bored. After a long work day, there’s a tangible buzz of people sharing stories in pubs, parks, restaurants, beer gardens, or just walking down the street. There’s always a conversation to be had at the bus stop. The taximan will talk your ear off and ask you all about your day. 

 Part of having the craic is not taking life too seriously; it’s a very lighthearted place to be. Dubliners will often replace the bland “how are you” with “what’s the story?”

Proximity to nature

A stag roams Dublin's Phoenix Park, the largest city park in Europe.

You can go to Phoenix Park, Europe’s largest city park, and relax among the wild deer that casually roam, making you feel like you’re in a Disney forest. You can jump on a Dublin Bike and ride along Sandymount Strand overlooking the water

Health and wellness trends

Dublin's becoming a biking city. .
 These days, Dublin is concerned with good food and exercise. You’ll find many women in formal work attire and sneakers walking to work; the gyms are always crowded, and new ones are popping up everywhere. There are almost as many bicycles on the road as there are cars.

Public transportation

The LUAS tram in Dublin.


 Public transportation is definitely the most frustrating part of living in Dublin. If not, you must on a regular basis the unpredictable Dublin Bus.

Admittedly, everyone loves Dublin bus drivers.

All transportation ceases at around 11:30 pm as well. 

Things close early, and on Sundays

A closed pub in Dublin

Dublin is definitely not a 24-hour city. 

 It’s expensive

Dublin can be an expensive city
Dublin is one of the most expensive cities in Europe.

Slow construction everywhere

Construction in Dublin

 In Dublin City, constant construction and unbearable traffic go hand in hand. Definitely be prepared for a building site or two on your trip to Dublin.

 Hard to find housing

Dublin real estate

There’s a major housing crisis happening in Dublin, and it’s one of the most prevalent issues facing the city’s youth and expats at the moment. It’s nearly impossible to find an apartment or a room to live in, and at most house viewings, you’ll be one of twenty people to check out the property.

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