The 5 best ways to document your adventures abroad

Are you finally travelling to destinations that you have been dreaming about? You must be excited.  Thus, you want to remember all those incredible experiences for the rest of your life and able to share those moments with your family and friends. Here are some best ways to document your adventures abroad.

1. Instagram

Instagram has been one of the greatest social media platforms to share your experience in life through pictures and videos. Therefore, it’s an excellent channel to keep all your memories about your adventures with pictures and videos. Furthermore, you can share memorable moments during your trips with your friends in your network. Also, Instagram can connect to Facebook, so you can share these moments on Facebook at the same time. Recently, Instagram also pays attention to Instagram Stories and IGTV where you can upload short daily stories and videos. They are something you should miss out. If you are interested in photography, you can turn your account into a professional one.

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2. Write a travel blog

Nowadays, blogging is really popular and it seems like most people have their own blogging accounts at the moment. You can start one for free and can make them as private or public as you want. Also, it’s pretty easy to start writing blogs with WordPress for example. They are the ideal way to document your adventures abroad, so people back home can see what you’re up to. Additionally, if you are serious about your travel blogs, you can even turn it into a business.

3. Consider a vlog

If you spend a lot of time on the Internet, you’ll probably come across the term Vlogging, referring to the idea of Videoblogging. It’s where you post videos of yourself talking to your audience, rather than writing blogs. Additionally, videos are getting more and more popular. People tend to be more interested in videos as it’s more vivid and lively. Therefore, you should take it into account as the way to document your adventures abroad.

4. Start “where are you now?” (WANY) profile

WAYN has been around since 2005 and it is the fastest-growing travel-related social networking community website in the world with 23.1 million users at last count. You can post and rate photos, document your trips, connect with other travellers and check for reviews and tips on destinations.


5. Use storytelling Apps

Another option to document your adventures abroad is to use storytelling applications. A few of our favourites are Steller, Storehouse, Cameo and TravelPod. They are all easy and fast to create and share your trip stories. With a couple of minutes, you can produce high-quality digital stories about your trips.


Above are some ways to keep all your unforgettable experiences while travelling abroad. Hope you enjoy the blog!

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