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What to do in Spain during the summer

Spain is a country with very different weathers, so there are places with lots of hot, but other with a really nice one in this time of year. But we can have fun in the hottest places too. So in this post, you will know what to do in Spain during the summer!

1. Visit the coast and the beautiful beaches

Beach, siesta and party tourism may be a cliche, but that doesn’t make it funless. Barcelona, Valencia (the most cosmopolitan areas) and its surrounding villages (smaller and quieter) are two fantastic regions next to the Mediterranean Sea where you can also visit cultural places, like the many museums of Barcelona and Valencia’s Oceanografic.


2. Meet our popular festivals

We have popular festivals all over the year, but in summer we have some of the most known and fn ones:

  • Pamplona’s Sanfermines:

If you are not from here it may look strange to run with a group of bulls for the city, but everyone who comes here has so much fun. This festival became worldwide known thanks to Ernest Hemingway, he came to Pamplona so many times to enjoy the party. It’s celebrated every year from 7 to 14 of July, and the only thing you need to have fun is to bring white and red clothes!

  • Buñol’s Tomatina:

We don’t like to do things like everyone, so instead of water balloons, in Spain, we throw us tomatoes! Well, at least the last Wednesday of August in Buñol, a village from Valencia. The rules are simple, throw tomatoes! You will have so much fun, even if after you need to take a shower!


3. Enjoy our food

Mediterranean diet is amazing, all doctors say it, but the best of it is… so delicious! There are typical dishes in every region, like pan tumaca in Cataluña, paella in Valencia, gazpacho in Andalucia or poraro omelette in… all Spain! Don’t forget to try this dishes, sure you’ll love them!

We have more incredible cities, popular festivals and typical food, but if we writte all we’ll never end, so we left you discover it when you visit us.

If you want to take even more advantage to your trip and know the country and the language better, you can do an internship or work as au pair, Partnership International will help you with all the necessary information. See you in Spain!


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