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The Perfect Pancake Recipe!

Some of you may call it Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday but in Ireland, we call it Pancake Tuesday. February the 13th is quite the perfect day for every food lover since it’s the day when everybody eats… pancakes!


At Partnership International, we have selected, just for you, an easy and delicious recipe so you can make pancakes at home!


240 gr of flour, 1 teaspoon of baking soda, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 15 g of sugar, 1 eggs, 250 ml of buttermilk, 14 g of brown butter and some melted butter for the frying pan.


So now you have all the ingredients, let’s start cooking. First, sieve the flour, the baking soda, the salt and the sugar in a bowl.

In another bowl, add the egg, the buttermilk, and the brown butter and mix them together. Add this mixture to the first bowl (of flour, sugar…).

Mix everything together but be careful: don’t mix them too much, otherwise, your pancakes will be too thick.

Heat up the frying pan with some melted butter on a low-medium heat. Then, pour one or two laddle of mixture in the pan, depends on the thickness you want.

Cook until little bubbles appear, then turn over the pancake to cook the other side until it gets a pretty gold-brown colour.

You can’t celebrate Pancake Tuesday without trying to flip the Pancake in the air. Try to avoid the floor!

The Toppings

Are you a chocolate lover? Cover your pancakes in Nutella with some fresh fruit. Go all out and add some vanilla ice cream. Or try some lemon and sugar, or maple syrup. Anything is delicious with Pancakes. 

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