3 Netflix series to learn Spanish

One of the most interesting ways to learn a new language is to have fun! Nothing is more efficient than watching series and films in the language you want to learn. First, because you will be practising listening for a long time. Each episode of a series usually lasts around 40 minutes up to 1 hour, while a film takes about 1 hour 30 minutes up to 3 hours, sometimes more. So today we are going to suggest 3 Netflix super series to learn Spanish. Keep reading and then watch the shows!


LA CASA DE PAPEL (Money Heist)


Our first suggestion is almost certainly something that you already know, and probably have watched, but your success is no miracle, so we could not leave it out to suggest.

The famous series, which joined Netflix in late 2017, tells the story of a group of people with different personalities who come together to form a group who plan and execute a cinematic assault on Spain’s National Mint (Madrid), a search of 2400 million euros.

We can’t tell much about the show, because we don’t want to spoil the fun for those who didn’t watch it, right? But what we can say is that this series involves a lot of suspense, drama, love and very funny situations. In the end, each one has a favourite character! Do not miss it!

series to learn Spanish Money Heist

VIVIR SIN PERMISSO (Unauthorized Living)

Vivir Sin Permisso is a series for action lovers and a good police-and-thief story. This plot takes place in the Galicia region on the north-west coast of Spain, and this detail is interesting, as most series take place in major capitals, such as Madrid.

The story is based around a wealthy family where the patriarch, named Nemo Bandera, is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s on his 60th birthday. What is surprising about this series is that this distinguished man grew up with a sardine company, which is nothing more than a front company for his real business, an empire built through drug trafficking. There are lots of family fights and a lot of suspense.  It is no doubt a series to start watching and not want to stop anymore. Check it out!

series to learn Spanish Unauthorized Living

VIS A VIS (Locked Up)


The last Netflix series to learn Spanish is Vis a Vis (Locked Up). An intriguing story about a young woman who was fooled by a married man, and worse, her work boss. The betrayal led to a 7-year conviction in prison. With a bail of €1 million, the young woman and her family are seeking to get this money in a variety of ways, including a dangerous secret from another detainee who is murdered early in the series.

After that, millions of things are going to happen. Several surprises are waiting for you. Now it’s worth checking out to be amazed, and best of all, practising your Spanish. Here is a tip to also practise your pronunciation: If you are watching it alone, repeat aloud some excerpts from the series along with the characters. Believe me, this is a golden tip!series to learn Spanish Locked Up


These were Netflix’s 3 super series to learn Spanish, what do you think? Another key tip for learning Spanish is to embark on a journey abroad, check out our traineeship programs in Valencia, Spain. You will love the destination!

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