Renting a car when abroad

Most cities have incredible public transport lines, but these may only give you access to big tourist destinations. Getting your own set of wheels would be so much more helpful! Here are our tips on Renting a car when abroad …

Educate yourself

Make sure you are confident and comfortable with this country’s rules of the road. You don’t want to drive through a hectic city full of traffic and not know how to get through!


Consider the two different vehicles and look at the availability, most countries drive manuals so you may have to pay extra if you choose an automatic.

Needs and wants

You do not need to get an expensive car or get one just because it is bigger and has a better brand name! Look at what you are going to be using it for, look at how many passengers you are travelling with and how much luggage you guys have. You can also look at the area you will be driving in and see which type of car suits that.


Match your car with your travel plan

Will you collect your car at the airport? Will you return the car to the same place you got it? How long do you require the car for?

Unexpected extra charges

Make sure you know how much your vehicle will cost. There may be more charges such as a surcharge for under 25’s, an airport surcharge when renting from the airport, an additional driver fee etc.


Look at the rates of the company and see how much cheaper it is if you keep the car for a longer time period. Also, if you book in advance it may be cheaper!

We hope you like our tips about Renting a car when abroad …


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