Public transportation in Valencia
You are planning to stay in the “City of Flowers and Fire” for a little bit longer and you don’t know yet how to move around the city best? Don’t you worry! I felt the same. Here are some tips for you to avoid the mistakes I did.

public transportation valencia



There are nine Metro lines in Valencia. The first ones you will get to know are line 3 or 5 from the airport to the city. Buy a Bonometro card for 21,00 €. It’s a blue metro card. Check in to the platform by placing the card onto the red reader at the entrance doors. And welcome to the Metro Valencia. After you arrived at your destination, DO NOT throw the card away. That will be your ticket for the rest of your stay. It has enough balance on it to take the metro at least 14 – 18 days, since you are in Zona A and every ride only costs 0.72 €.



I took the bus twice. They are slow, full and not really efficient. But if you need to take the bus, you hava the chance to get a Bonobus ticket at many kioscos and Tabacos all around the city. It is the same system as with the metro. You need to charge your card with a certain amount and the reader by the bus driver will deduct a little amount for every ride. 


Metro and Bus

There is another option. If you know for sure that you need to take the metro AND the bus, you can buy a Bono transbordo card at the airport and you will have access to both. But, as I said, the bus is probably the worst way to get around in the city. Believe me.


The Metro of Valencia:

The bus company of Valencia:



Everywhere in the city are stations of this public founded bike rental service. You can buy weekly tickets (13.30 €) or even annual cards (29.21 €, with subscription). Riding the bike is very common in Valencia and most of the bike ways are very good. The first 1/2 h is for free then.



Not really public but a nice way to get through the city fast. There are different companies which are offering that in Valencia, like Muving, Acciona, eCooltra, and Yego. Google for promo codes before registrating to save money.


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