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20 hours per week
1 to 8 week options available
Maximum 10 people per class
Individual student report
Afternoon Cultural and Social Program

The price above is a non refundable booking deposit only. This amount will be deducted from the final invoice, which is to be paid before commencement

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Product Description

General Spanish course

Our General Spanish courses focus on helping you to improve in all areas of the Spanish language. You’ll get to work on pronunciation, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar in a practical way. We’ll cover various topics and work within assorted contexts to make learning easier and enjoyable.

20 hours per week

Weeks 1 – 4: €250 per week
Weeks 5 – 8: €210 per week

You will be tested on day one to determine your language level and will be allocated to a class that fits your needs.

  • Individual student report.
  • Certificate at end of Course.
  • Dates: All year round

All levels catered for from beginners to advanced.

This course introduces the fundamental elements of Spanish language structure and vocabulary, emphasizing speaking, listening, reading and writing within a cultural context. Class work will be supplemented with a required aural/oral/written homework to be completed outside of class. Our courses have a practical approach: we want the students to use the language, not just to know it. The grammatical content for the course are the “tools” to communicate correctly. The class will be conducted exclusively in Spanish, using a communicative approach that emphasizes communication contextualized by the student’s experience. The primary function of class is to allow students to participate in a series of interactive activities to strengthen communicative abilities.

Although grammar topics are not usually addressed directly in class, many activities are presented to help students grasp the language structures and rules in a natural way. This method facilitates the assimilation of the language faster, such as grammar rules, expressions and structures, to improve language skills faster: comprehension, expression and writing.