Preparing for an interview

Throughout your life you will take part in many interviews, most of these will be in a workplace environment. Your answers are what the manager is looking for in a potential candidate for a job. After an employer sees your CV the interview follows, and this is when they get a proper first impression of you. It is important to note some of these tips to help you when you are preparing for an interview. Remember, the employer isn’t there to catch you out, they want a reason to hire you!

The night before the interview

Relax and get a good night’s sleep, don’t be going into an interview falling asleep and not looking fresh. If you are unsure of the area make sure to allow yourself time to travel, or even better, do a run through and practice travelling there so you know how long it will take. Have a few notes ready to run through and to read when you are having your breakfast to refresh your memory. Give yourself at least 2 hours to relax before the interview and not frantically looking through preparation notes.

Preparing for an interview

Research the organisation

You must be able to talk about the business you are being interviewed for. This is because the company are looking for a person and want them to meet the criteria. A simple google search will suffice and learn about their history. You should be able to ask them questions to show to them that you are interested in.

Compare skills and qualities

You should be able to match your skills and qualities to the ones that suit the job description. If you apply for a job where you must talk to other people and clients and you are a shy person, that will not stand in your favour. Research where the position is in the hierarchy of the job and recognize the different departments you will be involved with.

Prepare responses

You should be able to respond to the interviewer, you should have answers ready to say back when asked a question, these questions can range from ‘tell me about yourself’ to ‘why did you leave your last job’ to ‘why do you think you suit the job description’.

Plan what to wear

First impressions last, they will be forever etched in the employer’s minds so make sure you dress appropriately. Dress for the job you are going for and want to get. Be sure that your overall appearance is neat and clean. Business attire is extremely important as it makes you look professional and neutral colours are a necessity, so you aren’t too over the top.

Non-verbal communication

This step is one of the most important to take note of when you are preparing for an interview. Smile and a firm handshake are the first two body languages noticed. Don’t slouch! Make eye contact! Do not fidget! Take note of the other person’s body language it is extremely important that you do not come across as bored. Always project positivity, manage your facial expressions.

Follow up

Ask questions at the end, this shows your interest in the company and the interest in what job you are getting yourself in for. Allow yourself to ask between three and five questions, these will help you understand the culture behind the company.

Hope you find these tips helpful for preparing for an interview! Good luck!


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