How to prepare for your internship in Valencia

Valencia. Third biggest city in Spain and your next destination abroad. But before you are arriving at this “City of Flowers and Fire”, you have to prepare some things for the perfect start.




Plan your way from the airport to your apartment



It sounds trivial, but keep in mind, that you probably will be exhausted and just want to lay down after you left the plane. Plan your trip while you’re still home. Meaning, that you should visit the site of the Metro and look your way up on GoogleMaps. Maybe even consider taking a cab; it´s not as expensive as you think.


Check out your neighborhood



If you already have an apartment, check out your neighborhood. Where is the closest supermarket? How far is the next Metro station away? How long will it take to get to your work place? And, most importantly, prepare for the beach. 🙂


Check out the weather reports



Valencia is hot in summer and mild in winter, but it is always humid. Prepare for that and pack suitable clothes. So, very light and bright fabrics in summer and some hoodies, pullovers and long jeans in winter. And do not forget the sunscreen, sunglasses and anti mosquito spray.


Leave space in your bag




Don’t forget, you are spending some time in Valencia. Surely, you want to buy something for your loved ones. For that, prepare to leave some space for them in your bag. You don’t need to take four pair of shoes, seven pair of pants and twelve t-shirts. Valencia has great shopping possibilities. Surely, you will find everything you need right here.


Pack up some love



Never forget, beside the internship, work, language courses and everything else…you are here to have fun and experience great, new things. Therefore, be kind, open and first and foremost pack up some love. 

That’s why, don’t hesitate and come to beautiful Valencia. We are here to prepare and help you. For more information click here and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to receive many more helpful tips.



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