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Places to eat in Valencia

Are you hungry? Don’t worry about that! We all know that Valencia is the home of Paella, nevertheless few people know that there are more delicious and traditional dishes. Are you going to let them pass you by?

Tapas are little traditional specialities in Spain. To enjoy them you just need 2 things: a glass of wine and friends. There are many different tapas to combine, hot or cold, you choose! You can’t miss the “King of the tapas”: the bravas. Bravas are typical tasteful potatoes with spicy sauce and alioli. Bravas is always good idea! If you want to try the best tapas and bravas, you should go to “Central Bar” or “Caballeros 21”.


Are you vegan or vegetarian? Valencia is your city! We know that is a way of living and sometimes going out for dinner can be a nightmare! Here you won’t have to worry about that, in these restaurants you won’t miss eating meat: “The Vurger”, “Ki BioRestaurant”, “La Lluna” or “Kimpira”.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Valencia is passionate about sweet treats. If you always want dessert even when you’re stuffed, these places will make you fall in love!

The horchata is a traditional refreshing drink made from tiger nut. Natural, healthy and delicious. Who doesn’t want to drink a cold horchata in a hot day in Valencia? Oh wait! We can improve it! If we add some fartons (a sugar-glazed pastry from the region) to the equation it becomes the perfect snack for summer. If you want to taste the best horchata you should go to “Horchatería Santa Catalina” or to “Horchatería Fabian”.

A big cup of hot chocolate with “churros” is the perfect plan when it’s too cold outside. For the chocaholic ones, this is your unbridled love! This is one of the most typical things in Christmas and Fallas. You can go to “Chocolatería Valor” or “Horchatería Santa Catalina” if you want to taste the best ones.

Who can resist to a tasty piece of cake? If you are sweet-toothed or you need a good dose of chocolate, in Valencia you will find places difficult to resist to. Trendy places like “La más bonita”, “Dulce de Leche”, “Bastard Coffee”, “Cocotte & Co” or “La rosa de Jericó” will be your undoing. Do you need caffeine running through your veins?  Don’t worry, here you can also take a coffee!

There’s no better way to start the day than with a good breakfast! A coffee, a freshly squeezed orange juice, some toasts… That’s everything you need to start the day on the right foot.  “Bastard Coffee” or Moltto” are your places!

Fresh brunch on the table with fruit platter and toast

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