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Olena – Her Experience doing Erasmus in Ireland

Exactly one year ago I was walking down the Oliver Plunket Street, going back home from my traineeship and thinking about how beautiful Cork City was when I was living there and the amazing experience I had working in Cork City and seeing the beauty of Ireland.

Cork City

This was my view walking to work every day 🙂

It all began in the spring, just before I finished my school,  I wanted to travel and learn new cultures when I found out about Erasmus training in some European countries.

Of course, I wanted to take on the challenge and see could I do this experience which would require me to do it alone, so I applied for the opportunity in Ireland with Partnership International. It was scary going to Ireland, but also exciting and Partnership International really helped me in boosting my confidence and being supportive of any questions or worries I had. 

My training at Partnership International gave me an opportunity to get acquainted with many students from different countries. I met Irish, English, French, and Spanish and really made friends for life. The people I met I think is one of the best things that really made the experience of Erasmus

My colleges at partnership International were amazing. Even a year later I still miss those great moments we had together…

When I had days off I visited some nice places around the country together with my Erasmus colleges. We saw some amazing places eg Guinness Factory in Dublin, Cliffs of Moher, Connemara.

One of such places, which I particularly liked the most, was the Old Head, in Kinsale and the Cliffs, on the south coast. We had to walk 13 km of distance to get there kinsale

Nightlife in Cork is magic, as is the whole city, full of street artists and pubs where for sure you should try the Irish black gold…the GUINNESS.  

Everyone is so friendly and welcoming in the city as well, always willing to help you if you’re lost and need directions

So, why did I love my Erasmus so much? Because so far it is my best experience of knowledge from the world around you, it helped me become such a more independent and strong person. I learned so much on the trip that I cannot thank Partnership Internation enough for giving me. I had an amazing experience in Ireland. 


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