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My Time in Valencia

The Lovely Edyta Nowak from Poland who was in Valencia for 1 month wrote a blog about her time there!

I spent one month in beautiful Valencia doing my internship in business and marketing. I was working for a great company. My internship in Valencia was well organized and my experience was fantastic! I hope you enjoy reading about my time in Valencia


For me, it was a big challenge as well as the greatest adventure in my whole life. I went abroad without the Erasmus programme – so it is possible! I knew just a few words and phrases in Spanish but it was not a big problem! Living with the Spanish family I could improve my language skills very fast. It was amazing trying to figure out what they mean!


At work, I could share my ideas and I felt it can really help to improve the company’s services. People were really friendly. I enjoyed breaks, spending this coffee-time with my colleagues at local cafes. The Spanish working culture is totally different from the Polish one. And I love it! I hope I will visit Spain again and again in my life and maybe I would be even working there for some time!


Valencia is a beautiful city, very different from my hometown. It has really good food and many interesting places to visit. Orange trees and palms are growing everywhere! My time spent there was time walking by the sea, meeting new people, buying souvenirs and visiting many attractions and, of course, shopping malls. An internship in Valencia is amazing!

I was also invited by my colleague to take part in a vegan food festival and concert for charity purposes. I was so excited and proud that the collected money will support the shelters.

Keep reading about my time in Valencia!

Some Helpful tips:

In Spain, I learn a lot of new phrases, but the greatest is: “Mañana más y mejor”. Which means not to be worried at all because the next day you can do more and better… and today, even if it has not been your best day you should take a breath and enjoy your life… 😊

I went abroad alone but did not feel lonely at any time. I highly recommend it to all young people looking for opportunities to grow. Now I am still studying, writing my diploma essay as well as working in my new job in Poland. And the memories of Spain will be with me forever… and some photos too. 😉

That was my time in Valencia! I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

We hope you enjoyed reading Edyta’s time about her Internship in Valencia!


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