My Impression of the first three weeks in Ireland

Hi there, my name is Marvin, I’m 28 and from Berlin, Germany. My internship in Cork is just five weeks but so far I have enjoyed each and every day!

My first week in Cork was at the “Cork English World School” where I had an English course and met a dozen new friends from all over the world (Norway, Brazil, Japan, South Korea…). I learned swearwords from each and every one of them 😉

As soon as school was finished we explored the city and its pubs. The first thing I noticed: everything is a lot more expensive than in Germany. First thing my Norwegian friends noticed: everything is a lot cheaper than in Norway…

The second thing I noticed: everybody wants to small talk with you. The barkeeper, the cashier even bus drivers. Unlike in Germany where a “Hello and Goodbye” is all you get. But I like it, you are forced to speak in English.

Cork City 
“What do you do?” you may ask. I work as a project assistant and I love it! The team is awesome, as well as the other interns who work with me. They’re all very welcoming and helpful when I have questions about my tasks, Cork or Ireland in general.

My tasks mainly consists of market research projects, because that’s what I learned in Berlin. It’s really fun and I have the feeling everybody is pleased with the work I have done so far.

But living in Cork does not just consist of work. I have visited pubs, listened to Irish live music and explored the country during the weekends. So far I have been to the Cliffs of Moher, kissed the Blarney stone and rented a car to drive around the Ring of Kerry and through the Gap of Dunloe! Even though the weather was often very…”Irish”… the views and locations where overwhelming.
Cliffs of Moher 
I needed a little bit of time to get used to drive on the Irish roads. Driving on the left, having barely any warning signs and ridiculous local drivers made it very challenging! But it was worth it and I got to see lots and lots of place I would have missed if I would have booked a bus-tour.

In Cork I live with a host and his little dog in Bishopstown, which is 20 minutes by bus or 60 minutes by foot. Compared to the public transports in Berlin, Bus Éireann is kind of unreliable… sometimes the buses are really late or just don’t come at all… And the last ones are around 11pm so have to get back by than or take a taxi.

I have now just about two weeks left, and there is so much left to see! If I have the chance to come back I will definitely do it! Hope you liked my little report of Cork and Ireland. See ya!

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