My first impression of Valencia

Ah Valencia! It’s been a while since I wanted to meet you, many people talk about how beautiful you are, and every day, I find myself looking forward to getting there! And after all, the time has come to visit you. Hi, I’m Rafael and I came to Valencia for a 2-month traineeship at Partnership International, today I would like to share with you my first impression of Valencia. Honestly, one of the best places to do your traineeship and learn Spanish!



My first impression of Valencia, of course, was the pleasant weather. I was fortunate to arrive in mid-September, late summer, at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius. Great for a full day of the beach! Exactly! For those who don’t know where Valencia is, it is situated on the southeastern coast of Spain, about 3 and a half hours’ drive from Barcelona. One of the best activities in town, no doubt, is to enjoy a full day of the beach!

first impression about Valencia


The Valencians surprised me from the beginning with their joy in their way of being. For those who have just arrived in the city, it is inevitable to have to ask a local person about a location, a shop, a restaurant or any other necessary information. This has occurred to me 4-5 times, and in all these situations, luckily or not, I’ve had people who were willing to help me and always with a smile on their face. I believe this was not luck, but the positive attitude of the Valencians! Thanks!


From the city centre with buildings and monuments with hundreds of years of history to the beautiful and modern City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia, make a complete and diverse eye candy. Beautiful landscapes everywhere! Besides being able to take countless photos that will envy your followers on Instagram, you can enjoy a lot of history, culture, gastronomy and leisure. Just visiting to check out what I’m talking about, don’t miss it!

first impression about Valencia


Well, these were some of the most interesting points I identified in the city as soon as I arrived, and they formed my first impression of Valencia. They say the first impression is the one that stays, isn’t it? If this statement is true, then I can agree that Valencia was love at first sight! Now, I invite you, how about knowing this beautiful city yourself?


Have a good journey!


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