One month in the sun – My experiences in Valencia

Sun. That’s the first thing that pops into my head when I think about Valencia.

I knew it would be sunny in Valencia in July. However, I was a bit overwhelmed with the power it has here. Every day I woke up with an azure sky and could enjoy my coffee and my first cigarette in the bright sunshine. Gorgeous!


I was so freaking happy every day.

It almost scared me, because I did not feel so much warmth for a long time. From both, the sun and the people. The Valencians are mostly very chilled and helpful. It was easy for me to get along in the city and it quickly became a kind of “Heimat” feeling.

The working atmosphere blew me away.

Everything is a bit more relaxed and smaller mistakes are forgiven quickly. In Valencia, and I think that applies to the whole of Spain, you work to live and not live to work, as it is often the case in Germany … unfortunately.

Life really starts after work.

You go to the beach or in a cervecería at end of the working day. And that was something I really enjoyed. It has been amazing to go to the beach and still be in a big city. You do not really have that in Germany either.

After all, I enjoyed my July 2019 a lot.

I met great people, improved my Spanish, learned a lot of new things and became as tanned as I haven’t been for a long time. I’ll think back a lot about this summer as soon as I’m back in Germany. The blue sky, the white beach and the warm Mediterranean sea.

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