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My experience report – Cork 2017

Hi! My name is Tim, I’m 23 years old, I’m from Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and I’m doing a three-week internship at Partnership International and an one-week English language course. This is my experience report.


At the first day, I was picked up at Cork Airport by a friendly taxi driver, who transferred me to my Accommodation near the University College Cork, which is in the west of cork, after I had flown by plane from Frankfurt over London to Cork.



While he was driving to my accommodation, he told me about the history of Ireland, the people here and their mentality and about the political situation of Ireland. Because of the fact, that politics and history are part of my range of interests, it was a very interesting and nice conversation for me.


The first impression of my accommodation was very good. It’s called students village. Right now, I’m living with 4 more Germans in an apartment together. Our relationship is okay.


In the first week I joined an English language course. The atmosphere there were very well and it was fun.

In the second week, I started my internship at Partnership International. From the Beginning, it was my main objective to improve English language in the following weeks. The staffs of Partnership International were giving individual and professional work tasks in relation to the aims of the interns. I had to translate the website and after that I had to write some blogs in German and English. We also produced a video about sport activities for youtube and facebook with the collaboration of other interns, who were working with social media as part of the internship in the marketing department of the company.


In my leisure, I mostly spent time with Friends from Brazil, Spain and France, who I met in the English language School. I also visited my sister in Dublin.

Cork is a clear city and after a few days, I started to walk without any navigation system like google maps and found the place where I wanted to go easily. The most people in Cork are very friendly and always helpful. But it can be difficult to understand the cork accent. Basically, in the beginning I had some problems about speaking and understanding English, but it was getting better day by day.



Now, when I write this blog, it’s my third week and my stay abroad nearly comes to an end. I have mixed feelings about coming home. On one side, I’m feeling happy to see my friends and family again, on other side, I’d like to stay longer, because it’s such a great experience!

I really can recommend to everybody to do an internship in Ireland!


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