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Luggage tips for moving abroad

How did I overcome the fear of feeling lonely in a new city?

1. Do not be fooled by appearances:

The first months in a new city may be the worst, those in which more than once you feel the desire to go back. Leave room for your curiosity and desire to immerse yourself in a new environment trying to project you into the future. Breathe, breathe deeply and enter the game.  Study, try to use the new language as much as possible, look at people with less suspicious eyes.

2. Go out and explore the city, in solitude. 

Let’s give us the right to enjoy the beautiful things of a new city even, if we have no company. 

3. Talk with strangers.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes, socialize is human. Even if they have always taught us the opposite, take advantage of the different opportunities to socialize. If you do not receive back what you expected does not do anything, not everyone is able to do it.

4. Choose a place that you like and attend.

Surely in the new city where you moved you will find a place you like, even for a morning coffee. Take advantage of it to become a reference point in which to take refuge when you feel a bit lost.

5. Participate in events.

Pinned events that may interest you and see that air pulls, without prejudice. Even if you find boring events at least you have tried to get out of the house and mix with people, see or hear something new. But also to socialize.

6. Use social networks.

You need to use social networks a lot when you’re abroad. Join groups that organize events in the city where you are and you will see that you will not get bored. So to organize something with people who have just arrived like you.

7. Smile

If you make yourself known with a smile, you will hardly get rudeness in return. But learning to use a smile when one is willing to meet new people is in my opinion the first rule of social survival. Above all it serves to feel good about yourself.

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