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The typical Irish dance in Ireland

One of the things that fascinated me most of Ireland is its typical Irish dance.

The irish dance

The Irish Dances are a group of traditional Irish dances that are divided into social dances and competition dances. Those in groups are quadrilles, danced by four couples in a square. While those céilí are danced in different formations ranging from two to sixteen people.

It is probably originated around traditional Irish music. These were later influenced by forms of dance on the European continent, in particular the Quadrille.

How to dance?

The traditional Irish dance we know today was popularized by 18th century dance masters. The dance masters were bachelors and homeless, traveling the country stopping in the villages for a long time. Sometimes accompanied by a piper or a violinist.

They dressed like dancers and were also wanted to talk, even if they were of modest origins. Sometimes they taught portamento and fencing, and they were well received because they brought news and fun. In the illustrations of the time stand out for the long stick with a pommel in silver and silk tassels holding in hand.

  The first steps that the teacher taught (often disassembling a door from the hinges and placing it on the floor as a stage) were SKIP or PROMENADE STEP: said step UP123 is the basic step of the Irish dance to advance, back or move in various directions SIDE STEP: is the specific step for lateral displacements RISING STEP: also called Rise and Grind Step is based on hops and leg weight shifts for embellishments The most danced dances are the Reels (or polke), the Jigs and the Hornpipes and correspond to homonymous musical rhythms and styles that can change depending on the county to which they belong.


Traditional music

Like all traditional music, traditional Irish music has changed slowly, most of the popular songs are less than two hundred years old. A yardstick is the language used. Modern Irish songs are written in English and Irish.


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