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Keep doing what makes you happy in your adventure abroad

When you begin this new adventure of travelling abroad, you decide to leave your stability and routine aside and venture into a new life. The biggest fear that comes to mind is feeling alone or feeling that you are not being yourself. But calm down, you just have to adapt first and then keep doing what makes you happy.

So take the time to think that you really need it in your day to day to feel happy and satisfied. Here are some ideas that help people feel happy.

Say no to sedentary lifestyle!

Do not stay at home all day, nor Skype with your friends or talking to your parents. For a reason, this experience is called “a great opportunity.” And staying in your comfort zone will not help you. You need to touch the air, go out to get air, meet new places, feel fulfilled.

Practice sports

This is a great way to disconnect, feel good, increase your self-esteem and your lifestyle. If before you travelled you already practised some kind of sport and you would like to keep doing what makes you happy. Find and search places where you can continue practising your favourite sport. And if you’ve always wanted to do a new sport and have not yet started, this is a good way to start with new healthy habits. There are many options (free or paid) the question is to find something that makes you feel good.

Keep doing

We all like something special. So keep doing this. Reading a book at the end of the day, watching the series you like, listen to music, shopping, play a game… Certainly, there is a habit you do in your house that gives you a “break” in your day and makes you chill a bit. 


Relationship is the key to our happiness. The social connection is part of a healthy lifestyle. That’s why it’s important to keep an open mind about meeting new people. Talking with people around us (listening and hearing) gives us a greater sense of well-being and even strong relationships. Learning how to deal with different people from different cultures also helps you build important personal skills for you as a professional.


Finally, keep doing what makes you happy

Sometimes when we are in another country, we don’t remember how important it is to keep doing what makes you happy. You’ll make lots of plans with the people you meet, you’ll explore the amazing things of the place. But remember that you will also need your moments and spaces. Respect yourself, take care of yourself and have fun.


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