Irish Traditions & Culture

The Irish are popular around the world for their traditional culture. Tourists always enjoy coming to Ireland to experience the unique traditions that the people of Ireland carry out on a daily basis. Prepare yourself for a wild, energetic adventure of ancient stories. Do you want to do a language course or an internship in Ireland? We can help you as well!


St. Patricks Day

Celebrated on the 17th of March every year, everyone gets involved in this public holiday. This day is both a cultural and religious celebration of St. Patrick who was involved in converting Ireland’s inhabitants to Christianity. Parades and Festivals take place, with the main event happening in Dublin city, while local villages and towns also have their own events. Displays of music, art, and elements of humour provide a friendly welcoming atmosphere. Many businesses in Ireland close on this day. 

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Irish Dancing

The entertainment at most Irish events, this type of dance first became internationally popular in the 1990’s after the ultimate success of Riverdance. To this day, young and old are still learning the many different steps of the Irish dance routines. It takes many different forms, such as jigs, reels, ceili’s and step dancing, each is a beautiful dance to watch. Dancers wear dresses with designs originating from the Book of Kells with hard tap shoes that add to the display. 

Irish Pubs

During your visit to Ireland, you have to be sure to pay a visit to an old public house. Enjoy the friendly atmosphere of friends and family catching up over a few sociable alcoholic beverages. The Irish are known to enjoy their drink, so you will always have a great night out anywhere in Ireland. Purchase a pint of Guinness, the most popular Irish drink which was first introduced by Arthur Guinness back in 1859 and has since been a symbol of the Irish culture. 

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The Irish also like to go to pubs that have an Irish music session. These are always the best nights! Musicians play various instruments such as the fiddle, guitar, accordion, concertina, bodhran etc. Singers may also perform to get the crowd involved to sing and dance. 

Irish Food

As the saying goes, ‘You can’t beat a cup of tea’. The Irish believe that a cup of tea will solve everything. You can’t pay a visit to someone’s house without having a cup of tea. A full Irish breakfast and a cup of tea after a night out- Perfection. A full Irish consists of sausages, rashers, eggs, pudding, tomatoes, and toast. 

Looking for a traditional dinner meal? Try some bacon and cabbage with potatoes. This dish is traditionally associated with Ireland especially back in the day when people used to grow their own vegetables. Enjoy with a cold pint of milk. 

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Irish Sport

People take part in many different types of sport in Ireland, but they are known for Hurling and Gaelic Football. Hurling is an outdoor field game and is the fastest field sport in the world. The game is played with an ash hurley stick and a small hurling ball called a sliotar. Two teams of 15 compete to win the game by striking the ball over the crossbar or into the net to score a goal. The All Ireland Hurling final is a legendary event that takes place each year with each county of Ireland competing. During your visit, be sure to pay a visit to Croke Park Stadium to witness this intense, spectacular sport being played. But be quick, the tickets sell out fast. The Irish are true supporters. 

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Gaelic Football is similar to soccer but the ball is played off the ground. The rules of this sport are similar to that of hurling but with a larger ball and no hurley sticks are used. Each county also competes in the All Ireland Football Championship to retain the title. 

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