Seville is one of Spain’s most beautiful cities. It is historical, culturally important, and has stunning food and weather. Seville also has a thriving economy and a growing research industry, making it an extremely attractive city to complete your international internship in.

Our traineeships in Seville are:

  • available all year
  • tailored to your goals, skills and experience
  • available from 4 weeks to 6 months and longer

You can choose from the following work and study packages in Seville:



A Training Internship abroad is an amazing way for you to learn new skills, improve your language skills and experience a new culture. The programmes are open to students, graduates and Erasmus participants and can be completed at any time of the year.

A Training Internship are periods of work experience offered by employers to provide you with an opportunity to learn about the working environment, gain experience in your chosen sector and improve your skills. They can last from 4 weeks to 6 months.

Training Internship provide great opportunities to speak directly to people who have experience in the work you aspire to; and their knowledge of the job and working environment will give you a greater understanding of what you need to do to progress in your desired career.

The Important points

  • You may be interviewed via Skype, phone or in person before beginning your traineeship.
  • Your traineeship depends on language level, the quality of your C.V. and letter of motivation and relevant studies in relation to your required  sector.
  • Your  traineeship  can be terminated due to negligence, poor behaviour, dismissal from work or criminal behaviour.
  •  available all year, but we recommend booking at least 2 months before you plan to arrive.

For more information visit our Internship Application Information page or download our Internship Programme brochure.


  • Fluent Spanish is not a requirement.
  • Host companies will accept candidates with varying levels of Spanish.


  • 20 hours intensive Spanish classes per week. Monday to Friday
  • General Spanish, professional vocabulary to assist with your internship and conversation skills.
  • Maximim 10 people per class.
  • Optional social programme.
  • Certificate presented on completion of language course.


Explore Experience Enjoy

Partnership International is pleased to offer accommodation in Seville in host families or shared housing. See below for information on shared accommodation:

  • Bills (water, electricity, internet)
  • Bedroom and shared communal areas
  • 1 pillow, 1 duvet and 1 set of bed linen
  • Standard single room

You will share the accommodation with other international students. Accommodation is located in different areas of the city, all within easy access of amenities. City centre is not guaranteed. Rooms are allocated on an availability basis and a €50 deposit must be paid on arrival. It will be returned at the end of the stay*.

*Minus any deductions for damages/repairs.


  • Participants live with host families. Most are near the city centre, but this is not guaranteed
  • All families are in very good areas and near transport links.
  • Staying with a family is the best way to learn Spanish abroad.
  • Full-board is 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Some families will have children or pets.
  • Students will have everything necessary in their bedrooms.


  • Half-board is 2 meals per day (breakfast and dinner).
  • The rest of conditions are the same as full board.


You will be transferred from your point of arrival (airport/bus station/train station) to your accommodation in Seville. On completion of the programme we can also organise transport for you back to your point of departure (airport/bus station/train station).


Seville is a stunning place to live and work and is full of beautiful architecture, museums, art galleries and public parks. Whilst there, you must see the Plaza de Espãna, the Cathedral of Saint Mary and the Alcázar. There is also the Museum of Fine Arts, the Mária Luisa Park and the Flamenco Art Museum which are well worth visiting. If you are lucky enough to be there for Holy Week you will also be treated to one of the most amazing processions and festivals in Europe. Check out our blog post about it. For more information on tours, prices and information contact our team.

Contact Us

If you require a tailor-made career training internship in Seville then don’t hesitate to get in contact with us! We’ll build an internship programme to meet your unique needs and ensure you’ll have the best possible experience.

  • Paula

    (Madrid, Spain)

    This experience have been really positive for me. I have learned how to live independently, how to value a lot of things (a job, a weekend, to do the shopping, to save money, to spend money in a responsible way, etc.). I also have demonstrated to myself that I am a professional and that I enjoy teaching a lot. Now I know that I am qualified to be a teacher in a different country with a different language. I recommend this programme for everybody because it is fantastic!

  • Camille


    Réaliser un stage à Cork a été une opportunité extraordinaire pour booster ma future carrière! Le stage répondait à mes attentes de A à Z, j’ai eu l’occasion de travailler au sein d’une équipe dynamique, et j’ai énormément appris, aussi bien d’un point de vue professionnel que personnel. De plus, l’Irlande est un pays magnifique, il est impossible de ne pas tomber sous son charme! Si j’ai un conseil à vous donner, c’est de faire confiance à Partnership International pour votre stage à l’étranger!

  • Steph


    With my internship, organised by Partnership International, I got to visit many different Irish companies and was involved with introducing international students to them. I was also involved with inductions and orientations for foreign students. My work also included office administration. My colleagues were really nice so the working experience was very good. And I got to see a bit of Ireland while there. I’ve been to the Cliffs of Moher, a whiskey distillery, a falconry and many places more. So, overall it was a great experience and I would totally recommend it!

  • Asisa

    (Kronach, Germany)

    First of all, I really love Cork! The people are very nice and friendly. My placement was with a very cool and friendly company as well. I enjoyed the time with my cool colleagues and boss! My work was familiar to me because I translated documents like I am learning in Germany. I would recommend an internship in Cork for every student because it is worth it. You improve your language skills and learn the culture. The Irish accent is also very cool but funny as well! So, I really enjoyed my time here. Thank you Partnership International!

  • Christian

    (Berlin, Germany)

    So after all, I have to say it was an absolutely great opportunity to get to know a new country/city, people and to make an intercultural experience. I am lucky that Partnership International organised everything so well and that they were hands-on to their students the entire trip. Thanks very much for everything and keep doing what you are doing! It will definitely not be my last time in Ireland and you helped me to open new ways! Cheers!

  • Xabier


    Me ha gustado mucho realizar unas prácticas de 3 meses en Cork. De hecho, voy a quedarme aquí otros 3 meses más (¡la empresa donde hice las prácticas me ha contratado!). La ciudad es muy agradable y todo el mundo es muy atento, amable y con una mente muy abierta. Lo peor, como español, es el tiempo y los precios. Mi inglés ha mejorado mucho y he viajado por esta magnífica isla, así que creo que esta experiencia ha sido perfecta. Tomé una gran decisión al animarme a hacer las prácticas con Partnership International. La bienvenida tanto de Partnership como de la empresa fueron excelentes.

  • Laura

    (Bordeaux, France)

    My internship has given me the opportunity to learn a lot and to improve my professional skills in a foreign language. It was a great opportunity for me to gain practical skills and work within a professional team. The lessons I learned as an intern are still with me today and I’m thankful to all the team of Partnership International who were a real pleasure to deal with. I would recommend an experience like this to everyone.