Vanessa’s internship experience in Cork

Four weeks all alone abroad? Fun and exciting or rather the complete opposite? In this blog I will fill you in on my awesome internship experience in Cork. Read on to find out more.

Internship experience abroad

My Internship Experience Abroad

Completing an internship experience abroad? Inconceivable for me! It was never on my mind and I never thought about doing an internship abroad. Until my teacher presented us with the Erasmus+ program and details on completing an internship experience abroad. She was elated since the beginning and wanted us to take this “great opportunity”. At first, I didn’t take that so seriously when she first talked about it. Finally, we drove to a school to listen to some presentations about their internships experience abroad. As I saw the presentation about Ireland I was certain: I have to go to Ireland!


Half a year later I stood in front of the gate to board my flight to Cork, the second largest City in Ireland. I was so nervous because I didn’t know what I should expect, how the people are and if I would like it as much as I imagined. Simultaneous, it was also a exciting for me to show myself and my family that I’m able to stand on my own feet and I’m confident enough to meet challenges.


Language course

In the first week I completed an English language course. I met there other students from all over the world. I am still in touch with some of them and we sometimes meet up for a Guinness or a Murphy’s in an Irish pub and have some nice conversations.


Start of the internship

On Monday when my second week started, I was at my internship. My task for the week consisted within translating the homepage from Partnership International into German which I made with Tim, another German intern. 

My tasks are colorful, varied and exciting. From an exciting intern-morning in the Lee Fields filming a video for the company to a relaxed writing session in the afternoon for some new blogs, I had a feeling anything possible. I learned so many new things, especially working with on the homepage and uploading new blogs to the website. I get clear and comprehensible tasks which I have to work out by myself by reading through different information. I have to understand what I have to do and how these programs are functioning which I find very exciting.

How I spend my freetime?

Despite fixed working hours I got plenty time to explore my new surroundings and make the most of my internship experience. From going outside with some friends from my flat-sharing community exploring the landscape, Cork city, the beautiful parks around us, visiting some pubs, enjoying a fresh breeze at the seaside or I’m “on tour” making trips to the Ring of Kerry or to the Cliffs of Moher. Wherever I look, there’s always something new to explore! Check out some of my pictures from some adventures I took while on my internship experience abroad. 

Internship experience abroad


From this experience I have proved to myself that I can stand on my own two feet and be independent. I learned so much from my internship experience that will stand to me forever. If Vanessa experience has inspired you to start your own internship experience check out Partnership International internship experiences today. We offer internships in Ireland in the following locations Cork, Dublin, Kerry and start your adventure today! 


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