I’m nothing but a human onion

Hi people! Not so long ago, I landed in irish territory with the purpose of improving my english and hunting some leprechauns. But before I get my hands dirty with these, I must solve some little mysteries like… Why does mold appear so quietly on my bread? Why everything is closed when I wake up from my nap? Why is so cold inside Tesco? And the most important question… How it is possible to go through every single season in one day? How?? I feel like an onion with thousand of layers…


Before moving forward, I would like to introduce myself. Just for being polite, you know. My name is Ana and you only need to know three things about me: I´m galician, I love music and… chocolate, how much I like chocolate!


The first thing that I realize about Ireland is that it’s pretty similar to Galicia: it´s green, there’s a lot of cows and it rains. But to be honest, even in Galicia we have better weather. The problem with Ireland it ´s that you can wake up with an amazing sun, then it will rain cats and dogs and in the end, a wild wind may appear. And this only in one day! In Galicia you can live these different weathers, but from one day to the next.


One thing I love about Ireland is the absence of big buildings. Streets are full of cute houses with cats and dogs watching you with scorn from their windows. So adorable! However, the biggest cultural shock for me was the shop opening hours. Everything is closed at 6! After this time, it’s impossible to find a place to have a coffee (unless you want to go to McDonalds). In addition, the average time to have dinner is about 18:00/19:00, at the same time my grandma used to prepare me a sandwich… to make some time until 22:00 h (spanish dinner time). On top of that, there aren’t discos, only pubs and some clubs. The essence is the same: an excuse to drink, to have fun and to meet new people.

I´m really happy to be here. Maybe the weather isn’t the best in the world, but it gives a bit of thrill to the day. You never know what surprise the weather will have in store for you! Extra point, Irish people are really, really nice and… Yes! There´s a lot of red-heads! Well, I have to leave you now, I think I saw a leprechaun trying to steal my shoes. Well bye!


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