How to travel Europe by train

Do you dream about exploring Europe’s most beautiful cities? Have you ever thought about Interrailing? Find your personal route and enjoy the freedom of travelling by train. Here are some tips you could find useful for your upcoming journey of your life! Enjoy them and let us know what you think about our tips on How to travel Europe by train.

Plan where YOU want to visit

Unbelievable! Over 40,000 travel destinations in 30 different countries. But the key to your perfect travel route is NOT trying to visit as many cities as possible. Think about destinations you do not want to miss, and which stops would fit into the perfect idea of your trip. Remember, it’s quality over quantity.

One day in the city of your choice

Generally, you should have more than one night per location, but Interrail provides you with some tips about spending only 24 hours in one city like Amsterdam, Budapest or Lisbon. Getting up and go gives you at least a good sneak peek about the city’s lifestyle and its culture. Maybe it awakens your desire to explore one of those places again after you learned how to travel Europe by train.

Get yourself the rail planning app

Download the Rail Planner app and gain lots of useful features like information about arriving trains, an interactive map with your personal travel stops and many more. Some features are also available offline.

Be inspired by music festivals

If you are into music and not sure what to do in some cities and want to wait a bit longer then summer is the time for your unforgettable travel experience. Festivals are all over Europe and perfectly complete such an unique adventure abroad, they nearly add a bit of an extra portion of magic to your trip. Europe has such a wide range of festivals to offer. The presented genres are as colourful as Europe’s countries are. Explore and visit the festival that fits you best.

Hear some personal experiences

Get some tips from the community on social media like the Interrail Travellers Official Group on Facebook. Lots of interrailers are happy to help and give you some personal advice about money saving or accommodations.

We hope you enjoyed our blog about how to travel Europe by train!



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