How to survive a traineeship

Coming to Ireland or going abroad on a traineeship may be hard for you and you may have trouble getting used to it. A traineeship may seem daunting so we’ve came up with 10 tips on how to survive a traineeship!

1. Realise you aren’t going to be a manager

You are fresh out of college and you need to prove your work and show your work ethic. You need to work hard and this will show you can handle big tasks.

2. Ask questions

Don’t try to act knowledgeable and skilled than you already are, you want to impress but no one expects you to know everything, by seeking guidance and asking questions you will learn and grow faster.

3. Use a fresh perspective and take initiative

Being new and fresh out of college can help you see fresh new ideas. If you came up with a solution to a problem or have ideas don’t hesitate to share with your coworkers.

4. Communication

Introduce yourself, have a positive and friendly attitude to everyone you meet. This leads to successful work relationships. Keep reading to hear the rest of our tips on how to survive a traineeship!

5. Focus on the work that you will learn

Take the smaller tasks in stride and keep your mind focused on the bigger picture. Before starting your traineeship make an agreement outlining your tasks so you have an idea of what you are going to learn.

6. Make mistakes

As a trainee, you are more than likely to make mistakes. Be honest about them and your supervisor will respect you greatly for it. Make mistakes and you will learn from them.

7. Be diligent

You may want to show to your employer that you are a speedy worker but ensure that you do the task correctly.

8. Tackle easy and repetitive tasks with enthusiasm

Your supervisor will trust you to complete more difficult tasks once they recognise your ability to handle the small stuff. Ask for more challenging and time-consuming tasks when you have mastered the more tedious tasks.

9. Ask for additional work

If you get your tasks done as colleagues if they need help with anything, they would appreciate the help and you will seem motivated. This will also help you develop your skills.

10. Ask for feedback

You won’t get better at your work unless you ask for feedback, between good and bad feedback it all makes you a better intern. Your supervisor will understand your desire to learn and improve.

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