How to prepare for an interview

Everyone gets nervous when it comes to doing an interview. But why should we be? We are only portraying ourselves as being a suitable candidate for the job. Showing that you have the correct skills, knowledge, and experience to fit in with the company/organisation. 


The most important thing when it comes to interviews is to ‘be yourself’. Always tell the truth about your skills and experience or you could be stuck in a position of not knowing what to do in the new job. 

Good Presentation

Dress to impress. Take out the iron, who likes the sight of wrinkles on clothes. Dress formally in business attire with neutral colours. Make sure that you are neat and clean. It is always about first impressions. 

Prepare a good firm handshake, this displays an element of confidence! Sit naturally and politely on the seat. Make eye contact with each person on the interview panel and smile regularly to show enthusiasm and positivity. And most importantly, speak clearly!



Research the Organisation

Knowing the background information about the organisation will not only benefit you but also give you more to talk about. Make sure you know their mission statement, about their products/services and clientele. Inform yourself of any projects that the organisation has been recently involved in. 


Analyze the Job Description

Each job opportunity will come with a job description. Make sure you know this inside out and can relate to it. Outline the knowledge and skills they are looking for and how you can fit the job. Most job interviews have similar questions. Have responses prepared so you might be able to guide the interview in some manner. You are trying to give an impressive impression so have an outline of what you can say about yourself. 


Arriving at the Interview

Always be on time! Give yourself extra time. Being late will not only give a bad first impression but will make you feel panicked and under pressure. Make sure to have a copy of your C.V with you while references and samples of work can also come in handy. Politely introduce yourself and follow the interview procedure. At the end of the interview, you might be asked ‘Do you have any questions?’. Make sure to always ask a question.

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