How to make your house a home

Moving to a different country brings many obstacles, problems, and most importantly, excitement. You don’t have your family and friends to care for your every need, no more dinners ready for you when you get home and no matter what, nothing will replace your own bedroom at home. 


Finding it difficult to settle into your new home? New housemates, different furniture and a landlord who will not let you change anything in the house. But don’t let this stop you! Make the most out of what you have and make your new home a comfortable place for you to relax and to enjoy your time away. 


It’s All about Lighting 

You can never have enough light in a room. Do not block off any natural sunlight entering your bedroom. If your bedroom doesn’t have enough light in the room, don’t worry! Nothing a trip to a hardware store won’t fix. Perhaps a brighter bulb will do the trick, purchase a bedside lamp and some fairy lights will also add a relaxing ambience to the room. Make sure that you do not spend a vast amount of money on lamps as you will more than likely have to leave these behind when you move back home. (Unless this lamp means the world to you!)


Pictures Speak a Thousand Words

One can never have enough pictures. Make sure to print some personal images that mean something to you, family, friends, pets, and good memories that will put a smile on your face. This will remind you of all the amazing adventures and opportunities that you are lucky to have. Polaroids are a nice way to display pictures, mini clips and a piece of string… simple!


You might be restricted with hanging pictures on the walls, but don’t let this stop you. You can purchase frames with a stand or some sticky hooks to provisionally hang anything on the walls. If worst comes to worst, it’s only something a bit of paint can’t fix. Shh! 


Make it Yours

Your bedroom will be what you make of it. Put in the effort to make it your own. Add some extra blankets, fluffy throws, and cushions. Take a trip to Penneys (Primark), this is the perfect place to pick up some bits and bobs that add a personal touch to your room. Picture frames, candles, and pretty bed sheets can make all the difference. 


Together with your roommates, you could also purchase a blanket to cover the uncomfortable couch in the sitting room. Add some cushions to make the room warm and cosy. Candles are a must, it will kill off any smells in the house but also provides a relaxing atmosphere. The smell is known to be one of our strongest senses, so pick up a candle that is a familiar smell to you. Perhaps it reminds you of home, a certain food that your grandmother makes or maybe you are looking for a refreshing scent to get that homely feel. 

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