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How to make new friends abroad

Moving away to a different country for a long period of time is a very challenging and daunting thing to do. Learning the ways of a different culture, different language can be challenging but is all about making the trip an experience, which is why you went in the first place. Meeting people abroad is often the number one worry of people going abroad. Understanding how to make new friends abroad is your next step!


But meeting people abroad is a lot easier than you think. Believe me, Everyone you meet around you is feeling the same way and everyone wants to make friends trip. Most people returning from their year will tell you it was the people they met that was the best thing about the whole experience


1. Talk to New People


One thing people naturally when going foreign is sticking to people from our own country, which is nothing to be ashamed of, but to get the full experiences, talk to locals.

Ok, Don’t talk to every stranger you meet on the street!! But anyone that you see that looks your age, looks nice and friendly, anyone obviously travelling to. If people are shy, you are the conversation starter. Once you get over the awkward ”How are you?” ”Weathers nice?” ”Where are you from?”, the conversation will start flowing and before you know it you’ve made a friend. At social gatherings, talk to as many different people as you can, the more the merrier. Different people of all different cultures and from different places will expand your mind and teach you a lot more knowledge. Don’t be shy, this helps you how to make new friends abroad.


2. Learn the language- or at least attempt

No one expects you to be fluent but knowing some phrases will get you a long way to making the trip a better experience for you and as time goes on you will develop more words and sentences. First of all, it’s a new skill to have on the CV so that’s a bonus. But as well as interacting better with locals, language lessons are also a great way of making new friends, there is sure to be other people struggling with the language as well. ye could help each other improve language skills together as a group

3. Join a club 


The best thing you could do to make friends is to join a club or society. If you are doing an Erasmus, the college will have hundreds of different clubs and societies for you to join and if your working,  there is still a lot of clubs and volunteer works to join. Go out of your comfort zone with joining clubs, see what you enjoy and what you don’t enjoy, you will be surprised at what you’re good at. There is so many clubs of so many random things and a great way in immersing yourself in life in the place and making friends. With sports clubs,  It doesn’t matter whether you understand the local language or not at all, you do not get in the way when training.  


4. Follow leads

If someone from work or college asks you to go for drinks after- say yes!! If someone says they know someone in the same city you are in, follow it up. If someone asks would you like to join a club or organization- check it out. Don’t shelter yourself in doing things because they’re not familiar. That was the point of going travelling, to not be the person you are at home. Follow the leads and see where it takes you. If nothing, it was still an experience


5 Don’t Panic

The last tip of “How to make new friends abroad” is:

If you feel like your going away and you’re going to be alone for the whole time, don’t worry, you are not the first person who has felt that way. Give yourself time to adapt to your new surroundings and it will all fall into place. (Rome wasn’t built in a day). Just remember why you chose to do this experience. Leaving your family, friends and everything familiar is a brave thing to do.



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